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Best filling stations
in one application

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Best filling stations in one application

Wherever you go, Toplyvo UA will always help to fill up your car quickly, easy and reliably. Electronic coupons for the best filling stations SHELL, GLUSCO, MOTTO, CHIPO, OVIS and SUNOIL in one application!


Fixed discounts on fuel

With us you are not dependent on the pricing of fuel, which varies every day. Buy an electronic coupon and get up to 12% discount and a fixed price for fuel during coupon purchase.


We have no limits

With Toplyvo UA you can not only fill up your car! Buy electronic vignettes and pay tolls in 8 countries! Buy coupons and help Tabletochki Foundation children recovering from cancer!


Easy as never!

Buy electronic coupons in 3 clicks! The most convenient application in your smartphone!


Earn with us!

Share your referral link with friends and get 20 kopecks to your account for every liter of fuel they buy!


Maximum coverage

At present, there are 667 filling stations throughout Ukraine! Live without limits with Toplyvo UA!

How to use?

Choose a type of fuel

Choose the right number of liters

Pay for coupon and get confirmation in 2 minutes

You already have your coupons ready to use

We currently cover 667 fuel stations
throughout Ukraine!

Our partners:


  • we cover 667fuel stations throughout Ukraine!

Discounts from our partners

Shell Glusco Motto Ovis Chipo Sunoil
Discount on gasoline and diesel fuel up to UAH 3.5 up to UAH 2.60 up to UAH 1 up to UAH 1,5 up to UAH 2.20 up to UAH 0.40
Discount on gas up to UAH 1 up to UAH 1 up to UAH 0,5 up to UAH 0,5 up to UAH 0.45 UAH 0.50
Validity period 2 months 3 months 3 months conditionally unlimited 6 months 1 months (Gas)
Operational mode Coupon-based Coupon-based Coupon-based Coupon-based Coupon-based Coupon-based
Coupons charge off automatically Yes Yes No Yes No Yes

Should you have any questions,
please contact the service desk

We will help to handle all issues from 7:00 to 23:00

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