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Did you know about the tolls? - Toplyvo Ua

Did you know about the tolls?

A trip abroad is always full of emotions, especially if this trip is planned by your own car. However, pleasant memories will be rewarded only after your preparation. The first thing that another country will meet you with is a road toll. How does it work?! Read below!

Let's start with a common payment method-vignette. Its cost is proportional to the type of vehicle and the length of stay on the territory. You can buy it at specialized points, at gas stations, or through the Toplyvo UA app, which is most convenient.

The advantages are that vignettes are saved and used electronically, and you can continue them, save them for yourself, or pass them on to a friend. Toplyvo UA also stores archived vignettes. In the app, you can pay for vignettes from 8 countries: Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, Estonia.

In general, the Toplyvo UA app still has a lot of useful features, so download and do not thank, use it!

There are also countries where there are no fees for using roads for passenger cars. These are Kosovo, Luxembourg, Finland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Cyprus, Albania, Malta, Estonia and Andorra. As for other countries where there is no payment of road tolls, there is a tax on the use of certain roads, bridges and tunnels. For example, Montenegro has a toll tunnel Sozin, and Sweden has toll bridges (Oresund, Malmo, Lernacken), and you can also pay for entering the center, as in the case of Gothenburg and Stockholm.

Now the practice of turnstiles is also common in many European countries. This is payment for mileage at the entrance or exit of the highway. Now in Poland there is a system of travel on coupons from a vending machine. You need to save the vignette until the end of the trip, because then you need to pay for the mileage. However, if the driver loses the ticket, the maximum amount of the vehicle category is paid.

And no less important is the environmental fee that is paid when entering the country. The engine capacity of your car is the only criterion for estimating the cost of this tax.

Paying road tolls by drivers allows you to get funds that will be used for road maintenance in the future. So each of us contributes to even more comfortable conditions on the road. What could be better?! Only convenient payment methods for fees! And it's no longer a secret for you, because we talked about a life hack or saving our time — Toplyvo UA. You no longer have to stand in huge queues, now road tolls are in your smartphone! Travel easily with the Toplyvo UA app.