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Autoinsurance: questions and answers

Situations on the road are different and it is impossible to prepare for everything! He turned around and did not notice someone else's car, rolled away and crushed the bumper of a neighbor, parked and tyrannulated a nearby one ... And these are just a couple of variants of stories on the roads.

Now, every driver has a compulsory car insurance. They issue OSAGO, because such requirements and in case of reluctance to pay a fine (up to UAH 850). Most often, car owners do not delve into the intricacies of insurance. To help car owners, we have prepared popular questions and answers on the topic.

When is MTPL insurance not working?

If an unforeseen situation happened on the road and you caused damage to someone else's car, the insurance will pay for the repair of the damaged car. This works even when another driver is driving.

But there are nuances here!

  • If the car is insured for the benefit recipient, then the OSAGO works only for the motorist who issued it.
  • If the policy was bought by a driver with 10+ years of experience, and a beginner was driving, then the document is canceled.

Under what conditions does the validity of the insurance change?

The validity period of the insurance is up to 1 year. But in some cases, the timing changes:

  1. Provided that the motorist is a taxi driver or a carrier, then the policy must be reissued at each technical inspection.
  2. If the driver's car is registered in another country, but you can buy OSAGO only for the time spent in Ukraine.
  3. When the car is temporarily unregistered, then issue a temporary car insurance until the moment you register the car.

How to use online insurance?

Alternatively, it is possible to buy an OSAGO policy online. Toplyvo UA mobile service to help! Take out auto insurance in 5 minutes right in your mobile phone. This is beneficial: the policy is issued without intermediaries, directly from the Euroins insurance partner. To purchase, you must fill in the information about the driver and the car. After payment, the contract in PDF format will "arrive" by e-mail. The document contains the policy number.

Save the file to your smartphone, the policy does not need to be printed, it is enough to present it in electronic form. Alternatively, from 2021, motorists can download OSAGO in the “Diya” application.

How to check the authenticity of OSAGO?

After registration, the car insurance enters the base of the Motor Transport Insurance Bureau of Ukraine and the authenticity of the document is checked on the official website. Enter the insurance number in the required search form, and check the availability of the document.

What is the cost of the policy?

There is no single price for car insurance; it is influenced by many variables. The price for OSAGO varies depending on the city, driver's experience, franchise, car engine volume.

So, for example, the cost of the policy differs significantly in Kiev, Odessa, Dnipro and Kherson. Also, the price is influenced by the availability of benefits from the owner of the car.