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Avia — quality fuel at a favorable price - Toplyvo Ua

Avia — quality fuel at a favorable price

Toplyvo UA is scalable again! Three new partners have joined the large Toplyvo UA family, which already includes filling stations OKKO, WOG, Shell, MOTTO, OVIS, Chipo, Sunoil, Glusco and PPoil: F +, Avia and Ultra. Even more coverage, features and service for our users.

Each of the filling stations has its own long history, unique experience and achievements. Today we will take a closer look at the AVIA brand.

AVIA is a European company founded in 1927 in Switzerland. It was created as a result of the amalgamation of several independent oil importers. The company is represented in 15 European countries, the number of filling stations totals 3200. AVIA filling stations are most popular in Germany (865 complexes), France (710), Switzerland (600), the Netherlands (350) and Spain (190). Oils and lubricants, natural gas and LPG, fuel oil and electricity are also offered under this brand.

"Big plus on your way" is the slogan of the AVIA brand. Along with Swiss origin, high quality fuel, affordable prices and aromatic coffee are the very plus for motorists. Continuous development testifies to the strength of the company. AVIA filling stations in Ukraine have 13 complexes, their number is constantly increasing.

The operator of the AVIA network in Poland and our country is UNIMOT S. A, a leader among independent importers of liquid and gas fuels.

About AVIA fuel discounts for Toplyvo UA users:

  • Diesel up to - 2 UAH/liter.
  • Gasoline up to - 2 UAH/liter.
  • Gas up to - 0.50 UAH/liter.

More than 25 years of experience in the market of fuels and lubricants allows the company to offer a big plus for users - high quality fuel at a good price!

AVIA fuels are characterized by minimal pollutants and high performance. Both in terms of fuel prices and the quality of products and services provided at AVIA stations, the gas station wins the sympathy of motorists due to its competitive offer.

The main advantages of the brand

  1. Many years of experience in the European market.
  2. Careful concern for quality.
  3. Maximum control over all processes within the network.

Another plus for Toplyvo UA users is that electronic fuel coupons of the AVIA brand can also be purchased at two other new filling stations, F + and Ultra. Every experienced driver understands how convenient it is! One ticket - three filling stations.

Refueling at AVIA opens new horizons! And this makes traveling with Toplyvo UA as comfortable as possible. And if you remember that the application provides an opportunity to profitably purchase vignettes in nine European countries, car insurance, share fuel with friends with a fuel card, calculate fuel consumption, fix the price, then you get a real car universe in your smartphone!