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What to do if you made a mistake with choosing a coupon? - Toplyvo Ua

What to do if you made a mistake with choosing a coupon?

The modern rhythm of life does not allow us to relax: we are constantly in a hurry, do several things on the go, keep hundreds of thoughts in our head and try to focus on the main thing. And we understand that you also sometimes buy fuel coupons in the app in a hurry. An error may occur: he missed the choice of a gas station or chose a different type of fuel.

This happens to many users. In this situation, the main thing is not to panic and not worry that you have lost money - Toplyvo UA does not abandon its people in trouble!

If you made a mistake with choosing a coupon: instructions for users of Toplyvo UA

First of all, contact our technical support:

  • by phone number: 050 980 08 00 
  • to one of the chats convenient for you: Telegram, Viber, Messenger.

The specialist will make a request to deactivate the petrol coupon. After the certificate is verified and canceled, the spent funds are credited to the personal account of the application.

Please note: the process of deactivating a fuel card and crediting funds in general lasts up to 7 days. Such an operation can be carried out with certificates from all gas stations presented in the service: Shell, Motto, Glusco, Sunoil, Chipo, Ovis.

We recommend that you be careful when making a purchase. Remember - in case of trouble, the Toplyvo UA team will make every effort to help you!