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What we know about Ultra filling: fuel, discounts, coverage - Toplyvo Ua

What we know about Ultra filling: fuel, discounts, coverage

All the best for Toplyvo UA users! High quality fuel and first-class service — Ultra refueling chips. With a new partner, the geography of the application's coverage is expanding and your favorite filling stations will always be on your way. The Ultra brand is a relatively young player on the Ukrainian market and we decided to tell you more about it.

Gas station Ultra — European standards and modern equipment

This gas station is not as well known as the giants of the fuel market. But this is not a reason to underestimate him. The stations are equipped with modern fuel dispensing equipment of the Horizon 5 fuel dispenser from the world's largest manufacturer of equipment for gas stations Gilbarco Veeder-Root. Its facilities are located in Germany, USA, Australia, Brazil, Great Britain, Argentina and China.

Fuel is supplied from the largest oil refinery ORLEN Lietuva, the Mozyr oil refinery (Republic of Belarus), the Belarusian Novopolotsk oil refinery "NAFTAN".

Petrol, gas and diesel fuel Ultra gas stations comply with Euro-4 and Euro-5 standards. Low levels of sulfur, carbon, high cetane numbers have a positive effect on the operation of the vehicle's fuel system. This prolongs the life of the catalysts, the fuel injectors are less dirty. Also, such fuel is much less polluting to the environment.

What discounts do drivers get from Toplyvo UA?

  • A-95, A-92 and diesel fuel - up to 2.60 UAH/liter;
  • LPG - up to 0.70 UAH/liter.

Pay attention: for Ultra, Avia and F + filling stations, the fuel certificate is universal, that is, one coupon for 3 refueling. Validity period up to 3 months. See the location of filling stations inside the application in the "Maps" tab.

Toplyvo UA — pleasing fuel prices! Refuel profitably and conveniently with us!