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What to see in the Czech Republic: TOP-7 places for tourists

If a trip to the Czech Republic is already planned in your calendar, it's time to mark interesting places to visit on the map. Believe me, this country will surprise you! The whimsical architecture of Prague, the unique area of ​​Pardubice, fountains and sculptures from the 18th century in Olomouc, a brewery in Pilsen ...

To visit these places, you need to travel to the country for at least a week or better by your own car. Do not forget about electronic vignette czech republic so that your trip will be a breeze. We have selected the most interesting places in the country for tourists so that you do not miss anything and bring home a lot of impressions and vivid photos.

What you need to know about traveling around the country by car and how to get there?

The distance between Kiev and Prague is 1400 km. The most optimal route is Kiev - Lviv - Krakow - Wroclaw - Walbrzych - Prague. 

It is convenient to divide it into 3 sections with an overnight stay in Lviv and Wroclaw:

  1. Kiev - Lviv (550 km)
  2. Lviv - Wroclaw (640 km)
  3. Wroclaw - Prague (290 km)

In the country, only paid autobahns, and it is better to take care of their use in advance. For free travel when leaving the country, tourists will have to pay a fine of 50-110 Euro. The most convenient way to buy vignette czech republic online is through the Toplyvo UA online service. Make it out in your smartphone in 5 minutes and you can hit the road.

Also, do not forget about the rules for crossing the border under quarantine conditions. Read more on the topic here.

What to see in the Czech Republic by car?

It is best to start your acquaintance with the country from Prague. Attractions here for every taste!

1. St. Vitus Cathedral

The symbol of Prague is located in the city center. It was built in 1344, but it was under reconstruction for another 600 years. Many styles are mixed here: Baroque, Renaissance, Rococo, Gothic. The entire facade of the building is decorated with stone carvings. The bell tower of the cathedral rises 100 meters. There is an observation deck on it; tourists will have to climb 300 steps. Organ concerts are also held in the cathedral, music lovers will appreciate it.


How to get there: on foot from Malostranska street, you can get there by tram number 22, stop "Prague Castle".

2. Křižík fountains

The attraction is popular not only with tourists, but also with locals. This is a complex of fountains, in the middle of the composition there is a large pool with a stage where a light show is demonstrated. The whole action is accompanied by classical music, modern rock and pop hits, soundtracks from films. Performances of dance groups take place here. The Singing Fountains are located in the Vystaviste park complex.

The fountains are open from April to December.

Schedule: Mon - Sat from 20:00 to 23:00, Sun - until 22:00. Paid entrance.

3. Moravian Karst

This is a national reserve of the Czech Republic, which is a complex of 1100 caves. It is located in the vicinity of Brno and stretches for 92 kilometers.

There are 4 caves available for tourists:

  • Punkva
  • Stolbno-Shoshuvskaya
  • Katarzhinskaya
  • Balzarka

A popular entertainment for tourists is a walk along the Punkva underground river, which flows into the lake. You can also take a cable car ride to the highest point of the Macocha abyss. Bizarre forms of stalactites and stalagmites, labyrinths of underground passages will not leave you indifferent!

How to get there: by car from Prague to Brno along the E65 highway, then exit onto the E461 highway, turn onto the E379 road, then follow the signs.

4. Chocolate Museum in Prague

The attraction is located in the city center, not far from the Old Town Square. The exposition is divided into 3 areas:

  1. The history of the emergence of cocoa in European countries.
  2. Start of the first chocolate making in Europe.
  3. Samples of unusual chocolate packaging from different times.

Opening hours: daily from 10:00 - 19:00.

Cost: for an adult 8 €, for children (6-14 years old) - 6 €.

5. Karlovy Vary

It is a world-famous wellness complex that consists of 13 springs. Each of them has a different composition of water with useful properties. The sources are used to treat gastrointestinal disorders, metabolic disorders, kidney and liver diseases. Salt caves are used to improve the respiratory system; visiting pools with mineral water, massages, inhalations and other procedures are also available.

Что посмотреть в Чехии: ТОП-7 мест для туристов

How to get there: by car from Prague along the D6, D7 and E55 highways. We remind you about paying czech republic vignette.

6. Krusovice Beer Factory (Krusovice village)

The plant is known all over the world, it has existed since 1517. Beer is brewed here according to old traditional technologies, which attracts a large number of tourists. The tour starts from the company store. Further, tourists are invited to get acquainted with production technologies. And finally, the most pleasant thing - beer tasting!

How to get there: the plant is located 50 kilometers on the road to Karlovy Vary, by car take the D6 highway.

7. The head of Franz Kafka is an unusual architectural object

Located in Prague and surprises tourists with an unusual compositional solution. The huge stainless steel head of the writer "looks" now to the right, now to the left, attracting the attention of tourists. This is one of the most unusual and popular attractions in Prague. Against its background, spectacular pictures are obtained!

Where to find: located in front of the entrance to the Quadrio shopping center, by the Národní třída metro station.

As you can see, there are plenty of interesting places in the Czech Republic! And you will have time to see even more sights in your own car. Toplyvo UA will solve all the issues with vignette czech republic.