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If something went wrong: emergency phone numbers for Europe - Toplyvo Ua

If something went wrong: emergency phone numbers for Europe

Going on a long trip, we certainly “charge” ourselves with pleasant emotions and that everything will go according to plan. But this is a road and anything can happen: the car broke down and you cannot fix it, lost your way and deviated from the route, one of the passengers is ill and cannot help. The main thing here is not to get confused and quickly dial the emergency number in the EU.

These are short numbers, easy to remember and quick to dial. There is a single emergency number “112” in European countries. It is used in parallel with other telephone lines of the emergency services. All calls from the general control room, in which they find out the nature of the situation, are then redirected to an ambulance, police or fire department.

Emergency numbers in Europe

In addition to the state language, intelligence officers must know English.

If an accident occurs, the emergency number must be reported:

  1. Where did the accident happen?
  2. How many people have suffered?
  3. What injuries did the passengers receive?
  4. Who reports the accident?

In Hungary and Germany, orange SOS booths are installed on the autobahns every 2-3 kilometers. They will help you quickly ask for help. The special services receive the exact coordinates of where you are.

We remind you that tolls are charged in the EU countries. Therefore, take care of purchasing a vignette before crossing the border. Prepare the document quickly and profitably in the Toplyvo UA application.