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Instructions for buying fuel on OKKO through the app - Toplyvo Ua

Instructions for buying fuel on OKKO through the app

We hope that the update of our application did not raise additional questions about the purchase of OKKO electronic coupons. But just in case, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the important details of the buying process and what you should pay attention to. We hope that with our advice your refueling will take no more than a few minutes, and will leave only positive impressions!

Toplyvo UA and Fishka loyalty card

An important nuance - the fuel that you purchased in our service can be refueled only if you have a Fishka loyalty program card. If you have it, then after purchasing liters, Fishka will automatically "pull up" in the form of a QR code. To do this, it is necessary that the phone numbers in Toplyvo UA and Fishka match. If you do not have a card, it will be created automatically during the first purchase of an OKKO fuel card through the service.

How to buy gasoline, diesel fuel or OKKO GAS?

  1. To buy OKKO coupons, choose the type of fuel you need, the desired amount of liters or the amount of hryvnia you want to refuel the car with.
  2. Choose the most convenient payment method: in cash through the terminal, by card or from your personal balance of the application.
  3. After online payment, a QR code will appear on the main screen marked “Liters” - this is your Fishka card. It will hold all your fuel.

For refueling, you indicate the number of liters that you want to refuel, and show the indicated QR code to the cashier of the filling station for scanning. To confirm the debiting of liters, the cashier will ask you to enter the PIN-code of your Fishka card. If you don't have one, tell the cashier about it - it will take a few minutes to create a PIN-code at the checkout.

Important: the volume of the refueling cannot exceed the number of liters that you have in your wallet. If you want to refuel for more liters than in your wallet, you need to pay the difference in cash or with a bank card. Indicate this to the cashier, he will issue your order in two transactions.

Logic of using OKKO liter wallet

Write off liters from your card in any amount. For example, you buy coupons for GAZ OKKO 40 liters through Toplyvo UA. You indicate to the cashier that you want to fill up 30 liters - this volume is deducted from the balance. The account will be updated in the wallet - 10 liters. You can fill up the remainder at any OKKO filling station, whenever it is convenient for you. The purchased fuel is kept on the account for up to 1 year from the date of purchase.

If you have any questions, please contact our technical support by phone: 050 9800 800 We remind you that it works from 7:00 to 23:00, so we will help you at any time. If you are not yet our user, you can download the application in the App Store, Play Market or App Gallery.