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How to share fuel coupons with friends? - Toplyvo Ua

How to share fuel coupons with friends?

If your fuel coupon expires and you don't have time to use it, share it with a friend. This function is also suitable if you urgently need to help out a friend and throw in spare liters so that he refuels and gets to his destination. How to do this, read on.

Send e-tickets to friends like this:

  1. Open an active coupon or liters in the application.
  2. In the upper right corner, click on the "Share" icon. If you share liters of filling stations WOG, then indicate how many liters you want to transfer from a liter wallet.
  3. Your phone book will open, select a friend's contact from it and click on "Send". If you want, attach a comment, for example, from whom the fuel “gift” or a wish.

Within 30 seconds, the fuel will appear on the Toplyvo UA main screen in your friend's account, and it will be deducted from you.

An important condition: fuel is transferred only from application to application, so your friend must be our user. Fuel can only be sent in this way. To prevent fraudsters from transferring fuel certificates, the developers have disabled the coupon screen function in the service.

Share gasoline, gas and diesel fuel from WOG, Shell, Ultra, Motto, Avia, Sunoil, PP Oil, F+, Chipo, Ovis gas stations. For OKKO filling stations, this function is disabled.

Treat your friends with spare liters with Toplyvo UA!