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Toplyvo UA feature: how to make money on fuel coupons? - Toplyvo Ua

Toplyvo UA feature: how to make money on fuel coupons?

With Toplyvo UA, you can not only refuel profitably, but also earn real money! To do this, invite your friends and acquaintances to use the mobile application. They automatically become your referrals and for each refueling you get bonuses. Read on for detailed instructions and popular questions on the topic.

How do I invite friends?

On the main screen, go to the "Bonuses" section and click on the "Invite friends" button. A link will be displayed, it must be copied and sent to friends in any convenient chat: Telegram, Messenger, Viber, Skype. They will follow the link, download and install the service. After these actions, users get into your referral system.

Earning bonus points

  1. It is important to invite friends who are not yet using the app.
  2. The referral program includes electronic coupons for diesel fuel and gasoline.
  3. For every liter of fuel you buy, you get UAH 0.20 for your bonus balance.

How to use bonuses?

First, transfer the bonuses to your personal balance of the service. Under the amount of bonus funds indicated in the application, there is a function “Withdraw to personal account”. In this case, income tax of 19.5% is deducted (personal income tax + military tax). In the future, you can pay for the purchase of fuel coupons from your personal account.

Please note that if you receive benefits or subsidies, the additional income in the form of personal account bonuses may lead to their loss.


  • Are there one-time accruals from each referral? No, points from each “agent” are accrued on a permanent basis in the amount of 0.20 kopecks for each liter of diesel fuel or gasoline they fill up (gas does not apply).
  • Are there any restrictions on the referral system? There are no restrictions. Invite any number of users and use bonus points from each of them.
  • When, after refueling the referral, will I receive deductions? Bonus points are credited immediately after another fuel coupon is used.

Earning money on fuel cards with Toplyvo UA is so easy! Refuel at your favorite gas stations and earn money)