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When does the Europrotocol work? - Toplyvo Ua

When does the Europrotocol work?

Imagine a situation: in the morning you take your child to school, then you rush to work, there are traffic jams everywhere, the time is calculated in minutes. And then whence your car when you rebuild the "tyranul" car. This was not enough yet! Immediately in my mind is a picture where you miss all important meetings in the world and carry these proceedings for the whole day. In such "uncomplicated" cases, the Euro-protocol will come in handy. When it is drawn up, is it possible to draw up a European protocol without insurance, what are the advantages - first things first.

What are the advantages and features of the Europrotocol

With the document, you will deal with an accident on the spot in the shortest possible time without calling the police. It is drawn up in order to receive compensation for OSAGO insurance. This is a form that states the conditions of the accident and the nature of the damage.

When the Euro Protocol is signed:

  • among the participants in the accident there were 2 cars and only they were injured;
  • both drivers agree to sign the document;
  • no casualties;
  • the amount of damage is not more than 50 thousand hryvnia;
  • motorists have no signs of an alcoholic or narcotic state;
  • a policy is issued for both cars.

Paper or electronic?

These options are equivalent to each other. Drivers choose themselves: which one is more convenient, they fill it in. But there is a nuance: the electronic document is filled out if the car insurance for both cars is issued in Ukrainian insurance companies. If at least one of them is in a foreign language, then they are issued in paper form.

The paper form is issued along with the policy. After filling out the document, within 3 days you need to personally contact your insurer.

The online option is filled out on the MTIBU official website, keep the direct link. Before sending the completed form, be sure to go over all the points with your eyes. Pay special attention to the information about the insured, it must match the data in the Motor Transport Insurance Bureau of Ukraine. This will help to correctly identify the participants in the accident.

The advantage of the online form is that you do not need to waste time going to the insurance company, everything is solved electronically.

After registration, copies of the contract will be sent to the e-mail of motorists. Now you can leave the accident site with peace of mind. After that, within 3 days from the date of the accident, send the completed form to the insurance company, where you made the purchase of a car insurance. Now all that remains is to wait for the reimbursement of the amount under the European protocol. If one of the vehicles does not have OSAGO, then the document cannot be drawn up, you will have to go through the standard procedure with a call to the police.

If you bought a policy through the Toplyvo UA app, then the online Europrotocol is your option. How buying a policy in the service works, read here.