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Comfortable travel to Romania with Toplyvo UA - Toplyvo Ua

Comfortable travel to Romania with Toplyvo UA

Travel is always a long-awaited event, preparation for which lasts for weeks. To forget nothing, to buy everything and attach a cat are the primary tasks, they need to be solved here and now. But there is a long road ahead that requires a strategy, especially when you go abroad in your own car. Immediately when your beloved cat is attached to good hands, you should think about vignettes. After all, recovering to travel hundreds of kilometers, we least of all want to be distracted by trifles. It is better to spend this time admiring the picturesque views, architectural ensembles of ancient towns, or just dozing with a cocktail on a sun lounger.

If your choice fell on Romania, you are guaranteed an unforgettable vacation. The country is very attractive for tourists. There is where to go!

How to travel on Romanian roads?

You can only travel through Romania in transit. If you have planned a trip to Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece or Montenegro, then your route will pass through it.

In the country, most of the intercity highways are paid. I drove without a vignette - pay a fine, and this is about 50-100 euros for cars, and it can be charged more than once. Therefore, pay for roads in Romania in advance, as the saying goes "Prepare your sled in summer"!

We drive in the search engine "Vignettes Romania", we get three options for buying electronic vignettes to pay for roads in Romania:

  1. At petrol stations, near border crossings and in post offices
  2. On the Internet, through the official website of Romanian public services.
  3. But the easiest and most profitable way to buy a vignette online is with the Toplyvo UA app.

The purchase path is very simple and similar to purchasing public services on the website. But there is one caveat: through Toplyvo UA you get a cashback of 10% to your personal account of the service. If you travel a lot, this is a great opportunity to save well on fuel!

He indicated the data of the car, the driver, chose the date and that's it, a vignette with a cashback in your pocket!

How do I calculate the cost of a vignette?

Very easy: its price is determined depending on the type of vehicle and its validity period. We are interested in a passenger car, category A.

  • or 1 day - not provided
  • for 7 days - 3 euros;
  • for 30 days - 7 euros;
  • for 90 days - 13 euros;
  • for 12 months - 28 euros.

And so, you have decided on the method of buying the vignette, the period and purchased it, what's next?

If you bought a vignette in the Toplyvo UA app, then you do not need to glue paper coupons on the glass, all the more to make stops at special checkpoints. Now you are driving calmly, because your vacation has already begun.

How is toll payment checked in Romania?

Surveillance cameras are installed on highways, they recognize car license plates, and automatically check them against the state license plate numbers in the database. Also, the payment can be checked by employees of the road service, police officers, employees of the national road company, but this is rare.

Another tip: to avoid collisions, when laying your route, immediately mark the toll sections of highways on the map.

Consider all these aspects, and your trip to Romania will give you a lot of positives. After all, unforgettable emotions directly depend on good planning. Thorough preparation = great pastime.

And here you are at home, telling fascinating stories to your friends, reliving again and again wonderful moments of relaxation, a new magnet flaunts on the fridge, your beloved cat is purring on your feet, and a decent cashback has accumulated on your personal account in the Toplyvo UA application. And that means new adventures are just around the corner! Because with the service you can fully prepare for any trip:

  • get directions
  • calculate fuel consumption,
  • save on gas station,
  • buy insurance and vignette!

And it's all in one app! On your marks! Attention! Toplyvo UA!