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Pay road tolls in the Toplyvo UA app! - Toplyvo Ua

Pay road tolls in the Toplyvo UA app!

This moment has arrived: you are going on a trip by car abroad! All stages of preparation have been completed and it's time to take care of a comfortable stay outside of your country. If just thinking about road tolls makes your head ache, Toplyvo UA knows how to help you! Introducing a new feature in the app - payment for using toll roads! Now you can buy an electronic vignette online without any problems!

All vignettes are purchased through the services of States, so you have nothing to fear! We guarantee the reliability of the payment!

No more paperwork: buy vignettes electronically. You can extend them, save them for yourself, or share them with a friend! There is a section of archived vignettes — you won't lose the one you need.

Road payments are possible in the following European countries:

  • Bulgaria
  • Hungary
  • Latvian
  • Lithuania
  • Moldova
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Estonia

To order a vignette, just select the "road payment" section, then click on the country you plan to visit. Specify vehicle details: number, country of registration, type. Specify the driver's full name, as well as TIN or passport details. Next, specify the required time period for using toll highways.
Electronic vignette in your smartphone!