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Peculiarities of car travel to Bulgaria - Toplyvo Ua

Peculiarities of car travel to Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country with a long history, a huge cultural heritage and many attractions, both man-made and created by nature itself. The area of ​​the country is 110,993 km, and in every corner of it, there is something to see.

Bulgaria is a country of discovery for many travelers. That is why tourism makes up a significant share of its GDP. The homeland of the sweet pepper of the same name is always beautiful, be it summer or winter. The range of tourist services provided allows you to fully relax here almost all year round.

Bulgaria will pleasantly surprise sun lovers with its beautiful Black Sea beaches, connoisseurs of spa treatments will find top resorts, and skiers and snowboarders will be able to enjoy the excellent ski slopes. Bulgarian cuisine is a different story. She has absorbed the peculiarities of various cultures, where notes of Greek and Turkish cuisines prevail.

Falling in love with Bulgaria is easy, but in order to get to the country and travel around it without any problems, you need to prepare. Traveling on the roads is paid, and the fine for not paying is 4038 UAH.

The perfect solution that will save you all the hassle — Toplyvo UA.

Principle of buying a vignette through Toplyvo UA

Vignette of Bulgaria to buy online in the application is easy! You choose a country, enter the data of the car, driver, choose the length of stay in the country and that's it. The vignette is in your smartphone. You have paid for the toll roads in Bulgaria and you can safely go towards adventures.

Electronic payment has many advantages over the outdated paper one. After making a purchase in the Toplyvo UA app, the vignette remains on your smartphone and is automatically entered into the police database. It does not need to be glued to the windshield. It will not get lost in papers or documents. It is impossible to lose it. Buying a vignette from Toplyvo UA is profitable and safe!

What is the cost of travel on the country's highways?

Road charges in Bulgaria depend on the car category. Our option is light transport.

Roads are paid for a certain period:

  • On weekends — 135 UAH.
  • For a week — 202 UAH.
  • For a month — 404 UAH.
  • For three months — 727 UAH.
  • For a year — 1306 UAH.

By purchasing a vignette in advance from Toplyvo UA, you have simplified your path and made it safe. But it is worth remembering that the maximum speed on the motorways of Bulgaria is 140 km/h, on the roads of the first category — 120 km/h, within the boundaries of settlements — 50 km/h, and outside it — 90 km/h.

Now you are 100% ready to travel to unexplored Bulgaria.

On your marks! Attention! Toplyvo UA!