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The first toll road in Ukraine: how much does it cost - Toplyvo Ua

The first toll road in Ukraine: how much does it cost

The Ministry of Infrastructure announced that the construction of the first toll road will begin in Ukraine in 2022. It will run from Krakovets (Lviv region) through Lviv and Brody to Rivne. If the new route is not shorter than the old one, then its length will be 780 kilometers.

What is the toll amount?

We determined the estimated cost - 2.6 UAH / km, that is, the full payment for the road can be 728 hryvnia. While this amount is conditional, everything will depend on the cost of the project and the workload of the route. In parallel, you can travel on a free, which will be available to every Ukrainian driver, this is determined by the law of Ukraine on toll roads.

What is known about the launch?

Fees from the toll road will be received by the company that will undertake the construction. The fare will be set by the state, but in such a way that the project covers the costs.

According to Anna Yurchenko, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, a toll highway should be more comfortable for drivers: shorter in length, with a smooth surface and built to all standards. It will be a high-speed highway, the distance of which motorists will be able to drive in 6.5 hours at an average speed of 120 UAH/hour.

In the project of the Ministry of Infrastructure, to restore highways in 6 directions. All of them will be free to travel by car. They plan to make these sections 4-lane, without drawing zebras, but in accordance with all the rules of safe traffic.