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Traffic rules and fines in EU countries

Traveling around Europe is always an exciting adventure, especially if it is an auto tour in your own car. Ideal roads, picturesque landscapes, diverse architecture and interesting sights - vivid impressions will not keep you waiting long!

If your trip is not a spontaneous decision and you have time to prepare, study foreign traffic rules. This will secure your movement and save you from heavy European fines.

General speed limits and speeding penalty

In the EU, the rules on speed limits are plus or minus the same:

  • in the village up to 40 - 60 km / h;
  • outside the village up to 80 - 100 km / h;
  • on the highway 110 - 140 km / h;
  • the minimum speed of TK on the autobahn is from 50-70 km / h.

They are fined for speeding in the amount of 20 - 1200 euros.

Every passenger must be wearing a seat belt. Children up to 150 cm tall are transported in a car seat. The fine for traffic violations in the EU countries is from 35 - 1000 euros. Drivers are prohibited from using smartphones while driving, only the Hands free system.

Requirements for vehicle equipment

  • a vest with reflectors (it must be worn at an emergency stop, as well as at night outside the settlement);
  • fire extinguisher;
  • warning triangle;
  • first aid kit with the current validity of the drugs;
  • season tires, studded tires are prohibited in many countries.

Using DVRs

In most EU countries, the use of DVRs is allowed by law, but there are exceptions. For example, in Austria, video filming is prohibited, the fine for violation is huge - in some cases it reaches 300 thousand euros (!). Also, the ban is in effect in Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg.

“Corridor of life” and distance

In the EU, there is a concept of "corridor of life", this is when cars are pressed as much as possible to the edge of the road in order to let the special services with flashing lights and a siren pass. Violation of this rule in Germany, for example, is fined 200 €.

It is also imperative to maintain a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front. The distance depends on the speed: the greater it is, the greater the distance should be. In Germany and France, at a speed of 100 km / h, a gap of 50 meters is provided.

Pedestrian pass

In Europe, this is strict! It is imperative to skip not only a person who is already walking, but also when he is within the radius of a pedestrian crossing. Be especially careful in such countries: France, Belgium, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Norway.

Fines for non-payment of road tolls

Toll roads in the EU are not new. Most often, there are no barriers in front of toll highways and there is a great temptation to give up on buying a vignette. But we do not recommend doing this, because fines are large. In Slovenia, you will have to pay up to 800 €, in the Czech Republic - 180 €, Switzerland - 150 €, Austria - 120 €.

A good option is to pay for the vignette online through the Toplyvo UA service. This is convenient: the document comes in electronic form to a smartphone and does not need to be printed. It is also profitable: you do not pay for the commission and you buy in UAH.

These are the basic rules for entering Europe by car. We wish you pleasant travels and new bright emotions!