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Why does the arrow show an empty tank when refueling “to full”? - Toplyvo Ua

Why does the arrow show an empty tank when refueling “to full”?

What is the probability that a sensor that shows only the remaining fuel can create a large number of problems. And why does the arrow show an empty tank when refueling "to full"? Curiosity became paramount and we decided to find out everything once and for all.

A driver who has problems with the fuel sensor can be seen from afar. He always keeps a small can of fuel nearby. And also, most often, this is a person who asks to refuel on the side of the road. On the one hand, the fuel sensor does not affect the operation of the car. However, the comfort of the process is so accurate! Namely, you always need to calculate how much fuel is left and whether there is enough fuel to reach your destination.

Causes of problems with the fuel sensor:

  1. Loss of tightness of the built-in float. The first reason why the monitoring device will show the minimum fuel level, and the actual amount no longer plays a decisive role. You can fix the problem by replacing the float or by completely replacing the device.
  2. Damage to the wire holder of the built-in float. Namely, due to frequent movement on uneven surfaces, you will also see a false value. If the bend is directed up, the indicators will always be increased, if down, the parameters will be underestimated. So we need to restore it to its former appearance and that's it.
  3. If the sensor housing is broken during an accident or after prolonged use of low-quality fuel, serious measures are required - replacing the device.
  4. The same method is used in the case of a burst variable resistor. Therefore the sensor will always show a full or empty tank until you fix your car.
  5. Also it is often discussed on driver forums that this situation occurred after refueling with the engine running. In some cases, over time, the arrow creeps up after the car started moving. Or the very next day, that is, after a long shutdown of the engine. Especially if you refuel for 20 liters, then you need to refuel again, but before the tank is full and the sensor will show the true level again. You can also try turning the ignition off and on. 

If the situation repeats, you need to take it seriously and make a diagnosis or immediately replace the sensor. After all, according to the rules of the road, the operation of a car is prohibited if the fuel level indicator is faulty. Be responsible to yourself first. After all, the rules exist based on the consequences, as a conclusion from the past experience of accidents, accidents. Only in fairy tales rules to break them, it's not for you to be a responsible driver.