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Rating of countries: where our users most often bought vignettes - Toplyvo Ua

Rating of countries: where our users most often bought vignettes

Travel without borders and for fun-this is the main goal of convenient purchase of vignettes using the Toplyvo UA app! Our reports for 2020 confirm that users are willing to go on road trips around Europe. Of course, the spring quarantine made adjustments, forced us to change plans and sit out self-isolation. And yet the popularity of electronic road tickets is growing!
For those who are just planning a trip and want, for example, to buy a vignette to Bulgaria online, we have collected useful information about road tolls and compiled a rating of states where Toplyvo UA users most often drove. Where do you plan to go in 2021?

Why is online payment of road tolls so popular?

  • No paper coupons: it's convenient and reliable;
  • the possibility of forgery of the form is excluded;
  • save time: no waiting for certificate verification;
  • there will not be a situation where " forms are not available”.

Where and how to pay the road toll?

You can buy a certificate: when entering a European country at a gas station, at border points for paying road tolls, at the post office or on special websites. The most convenient option: purchase a pass in advance through the free Toplyvo App.

For example, you can buy a vignette to Hungary online by selecting the "Road payment" section. Then mark the required state and enter the car data, namely: type, country of registration, number. Specify information about the driver and the period of stay. Pay and get a ticket for your smartphone. So easy and your European trip is paid for!

Where in Europe do they pay for roads with vignettes?

Motorists buy online vignettes of Latvia, Romania, Slovakia, Moldova, Hungary, Austria, Estonia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, and Luxembourg vignettes. Below on the map, European countries where road tolls are paid with coupons are marked in red and brown:

Rating of European countries by popularity among users of the Toplyvo UA

Ukrainians are increasingly traveling in their own cars in Europe and our reports for 2020 confirm this! Vignettes to Romania were bought online most often. Next, we share the rating of the most popular Toplyvo UA users:

  1. Romania
  2. Moldova
  3. Hungary
  4. Bulgaria
  5. Slovenia
  6. Lithuania
  7. Latvian
  8. Estonia

Did you travel abroad last year or only in Ukraine?

For “Ukrainian” car trips, you will need the Toplyvo UA app. You will get gasoline with discounts and not only! Buy fuel certificates at the best price on the market!