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How to start? Instructions for new users of Toplyvo UA - Toplyvo Ua

How to start? Instructions for new users of Toplyvo UA

It's cool that now you are with us and will enjoy the best app with discounts. We are sure that you and your car will like it with us! With Toplyvo UA, you save up to 12% on gasoline and conveniently refuel at the 6 best gas stations in Ukraine: Shell, Chipo, Glusco, Ovis, Motto, Sunoil.

We will tell you further how to easily and quickly buy the first electronic ticket for a beginner. Go…

Step-by-step instructions for new users of Toplyvo UA

Buy your first ticket in just 3 clicks:

  1. On the main screen, select the required gas station and fuel type.
  2. Choose the required number of liters.
  3. Choose a payment method, make a purchase and receive a confirmation within 1 minute. there are 3 payment methods: using a bank card, in cash, or from a personal account in the app account.

So simple: e-coupons at a bargain price are already in your smartphone!

Please note: the expiration date of coupons is up to 3 months. If you don't have time to use them, share the liters with a friend. Click on the required ticket and in the upper right corner click on the "Share" icon. Important! The ticket can only be sent to the Toplyvo UA user.

Additional features: what do you get in addition to discounts on gasoline?

Toplyvo UA is not only fuel coupons, but much more!

What else do we give to our favourite users:

  • Purchase of electronic vignettes.
  • Map of the nearest gas stations.
  • Fuel consumption calculator: calculate the cost of the trip.
  • Referral system: invite your friends and earn 20 kopecks for every liter of gasoline they fill up.
  • Statistics of money saved.

These features are implemented in the Toplyvo UA five tabs: coupons, card, expense, bonuses and Account.

Buy electronic vignettes easily and simply

With the app, buying electronic vignettes for traveling abroad is easier than you think!

Keep the tips:

  1. Go to the “Road payment" section and click on the "Buy vignette" button.
  2. The list of 8 European countries opens: Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary. Choose the right one for you!
  3. Fill in the details of the car: number, type, country of registration. You must enter information about the driver: full name, TIN number or passport.
  4. Fill in the travel date and validity period of the ticket. the cost of the electronic card will open. If you are satisfied with the price, click "Order vignette".
  5. Then you pay and you're done! Have a nice trip)

Our technical support will help you in any unclear situations! From 7: 00 to 23: 00 we are in touch: +38 050 980 08 00.

Rather, test the Toplyvo UA app! We are waiting for your feedback on the App Store and Play Market. Share your impressions!