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What if the fuel does not fit into the tank?

What if the fuel does not fit into the tank?

    Nobody is safe from unpleasant situations, therefore, underfilling of fuel can happen to absolutely everyone! We remind you that the electronic coupon is one-time use. Therefore, we advise you to calculate the number of purchased liters, relative to the fuel tank of your car. If, nevertheless, there was an underfilling — do not panic, there is a way out!

    Algorithm of your actions:

    1. Immediately call our technical support at the number: 050-980-08-00 or write to the chat Messenger, Viber, Telegram
    2. Come back to the SAME DAY before the shift closes at the SAME gas station and scan the electronic gasoline voucher again (as our specialists will activate it again).
    3. Refill the tank with the missing fuel.

    A small life hack! If you are uncomfortable returning to the gas station on the same day, you can "share" the coupon with a friend who will scan it for you. To do this, click on the active coupon, then in the upper right corner, click on "Share", your phone book will open, where you will select a contact. Important: this must be our user, since coupons are transferred only from application to application.

    We wish you a full tank and less underfilling. Anyway, now you know what to do!