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Top-10 frequently asked questions about vignettes - Toplyvo Ua

Top-10 frequently asked questions about vignettes

Are your suitcases ready, and the map shows the route of your trip to Europe? Take the time and study the pitfalls about driving on toll roads in the EU. We have answered the most popular questions that will help you out and save you from paying a fine. Keep in mind!

10 popular questions about EU tolls

1. Is it possible to avoid driving on toll roads in Europe?

Usually, there are free ones near toll highways. The downside is that such routes are longer and difficult to understand without GPS. The speed here is 60-70 km/h, on paid ones - 120 km/h and more. Therefore, the fastest way to navigate is by choosing the second option.

2. What is the cost of toll motorways?

The amount depends on the country and the period of use of the pass. For example, in the Toplyvo UA app, the price of an Estonian vignette for a car for 1 day costs 9 €. For prices for other countries, see the website: https://toplyvo.app/en/vignettes/

3. How long is the vignette valid?

The term of use is from 1 day - 1 year.

4. How does the pass work?

Most European countries use vignette to pay for roads. Their advantage is convenience: you store the document on your phone and, if necessary, present it at the border. When issuing a pass, information about the car is entered into the database of the country of travel. On the road, license plates automatically scan cameras and you may not even be asked about a vignette.

5. What are the conditions for crossing the EU border during a pandemic?

Before the trip, check what documents are required to pass customs control.

This is standard:

  1. international passport;
  2. driver's license;
  3. vehicle registration certificate;
  4. insurance "Green card".

And also one of the documents: PCR test, which was done 72 hours before the trip; vaccination passport, the second dose of vaccination must be given no later than 14 days before the trip; certificate of postponed Covid-19 for the last 6 months.

6. What are the mandatory requirements for a car to travel to Europe?

An important point: good technical condition of the car. Before a long trip, double-check the operation of the windshield wipers, headlights, tires, etc. There must be an “emergency kit” in the car; if it is not there, you will face a fine.

In addition, complete the car:

  • a first aid kit with medicines of valid expiration dates;
  • fire extinguisher;
  • reflective vest;
  • tires for the season.

7. Where is the best place to buy a vignette?

The most convenient way is to download the Toplyvo UA application to your phone and buy a vignette online. By the time it is 15 minutes. Favorable price will be a nice addition. You can buy a vignette to Lithuania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia. Pay in national currency and no commission!

8. What are the rules for buying vignettes in Toplyvo UA?

  1. Buy a pass before entering an EU country.
  2. The license plate of the car, the driver's name and surname should be filled in only in Latin letters.
  3. Be sure to double-check the data before buying.
  4. Paid for a vignette and noticed an error? - Call technical support 050 9800 800.

9. Can I buy a vignette for another driver?

Yes, by specifying the details of another driver and his car. Download the PDF file to your smartphone and share it in any convenient way.

10. How quickly will I receive my e-vignette?

The vignette "arrives" in the application in 10-15 minutes.