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Top 10 the most popular questions from Toplyvo UA users - Toplyvo Ua

Top 10 the most popular questions from Toplyvo UA users

The Toplyvo UA team receives hundreds of requests from users. Situations are different, but we always get involved and try to help. Our team has identified a number of typical questions about the application. We answer in as much detail as possible and without water. We hope the info will be useful for you and will help you quickly navigate in non-standard situations!

Most popular questions from users:

1. What is the validity period of Toplyvo UA coupons?

The validity period depends on the filling station network. For Shell, Motto and Glusco, the fuel voucher is valid for up to three months. Sanoil: gasoline, diesel - up to 3 months, gas - up to one month. On Chipo, certificates “work” for six months. For Ovis petrol stations, fuel cards are unlimited.

2. What to do if gasoline does not fit into the tank?

Immediately call technical support at + 380-050-9-800-800. Let's return the certificate to active ones and you will refuel. A prerequisite is to arrive at the same gas station before the end of the shift of the current day.

3. How to top up an account in your personal account?

In the "Account" section, click on "Top up", select a bank. Bring the cash to the terminal, to the cashier of the branch, through a transfer or Privat24. Before sending funds, be sure to check the card number for replenishment, because it changes. Money sent between 23:00-07:00 will be credited at 7:00. After the transfer, be sure to confirm the transfer by indicating the amount in the application. Within 10 minutes the funds will “arrive” on the balance.

4. How to pay for coupons through the terminal?

At the stage of choosing a payment method, click on "Cash" and enter your mobile number, a confirmation code will be sent to it. Enter it in the terminal, mark “I have no card”. Log in using your mobile phone number. Further, an unpaid invoice from Toplyvo UA will be displayed on the terminal screen in the corner. Deposit funds, and the coupon will appear in the application in the "Active" tab.

5. How soon will I receive the coupon?

When paying by credit card or cash, the fuel card appears within 1 minute. If you deposit money to your personal balance and then make a purchase, then the coupon is generated within ten minutes.

6. What if the purchased coupon does not appear in the application?

We recommend that you update the application by swiping down from the top of the coupons section. If this does not help, then we recommend uninstalling the application, reinstalling it and logging in using the phone number.

7. What is the essence of the referral system?

With the Toplyvo App you earn real money, which is credited to your personal balance. All you need to do is invite your friends to refuel through the app. You get bonuses - 20 kopecks for each liter of gasoline and diesel fuel filled with them (does not apply to gas). You can spend the bonus money to buy fuel. More active referrals - more bonuses.

To make an invitation, in the "bonuses" tab, click "Invite friends". A link will be generated that you send to potential users. They download the app and become your referrals.

8. What should I do if the coupon expires, but I cannot redeem it?

We offer to return the coupon, for this call the technical support or write to the chat (Viber, Messenger, Telegram). We return the money in two ways: to a bank card, or minus 2% of the amount to a personal account in Toplyvo UA. The app also offers to share the certificate with a friend, but it is important that he be our user.

9. How do I share a coupon?

Click on the required ticket. Then, in the upper right corner, click on the “Share” icon, from the list of contacts in the phone book, select a friend to whom you would like to present a fuel card. Important: the ticket is transferred only from application to application. According to the instructions, cashiers are prohibited from scanning the QR code sent to any messengers.

10. When will the new petrol stations appear in the application?

The good news: we will soon be integrating with new partners so that even more Ukrainian drivers can save on refueling with us. We are waiting for your reviews in the Play Market, App Store and App Gallery. Toplyvo UA is for everyone!