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Help children recovering from cancer with Toplyvo UA - Toplyvo Ua

Help children recovering from cancer with Toplyvo UA

When do you believe in miracles the most?) Probably when there is a magical premonition that the moment is about to come that will give you what you have always dreamed of. On the night of December 19, each kid makes a special wish: a big car, a doll from the next top cartoon or recovery, so that they can play hide-and-seek or catch-up!

This is the case when a small child has matured in their desires after a moment of illness! This is the case when you can become a part of something bigger. And maybe it sounds too loud, but you have the opportunity to give your child a new life, help him in a difficult battle for health!

Perhaps you have already thought about helping to realize this bright dream, but you do not know for sure where they help, and where they only speculate on diseases?! In the Toplyvo UA app, you can help children with cancer and contribute to the Tabletochki charity Foundation. Its main mission is to help children fight cancer! To do this, the Fund organizes the purchase of medicines, medical equipment, repairs of institutions, payment for foreign treatment and accommodation. The Foundation's palliative care program provides the necessary supplies and help from psychologists to make the child feel happy at any time.

The Tabletochki Foundation also makes a great contribution to the education of doctors. This includes paying for subscriptions to international medical publications, organizing training in hospital departments, and internships abroad. After all, the charity Foundation unites with the world's best children's hospitals and is a member of the following associations: Union for International Cancer Control, Childhood Cancer International, Eurasian Alliance of children's oncologists, St. Jude Research hospital (Memphis, USA), SikKids Children's hospital (Toronto, Canada). There is still a lot of work invested in defending children's rights. The law on SMS charity, free access to support in the intensive care unit, and the expansion of the list of medicines for children recovering from cancer. Even more projects are under consideration!

And the result of this difficult work is the annual "Holiday of Life", where the "little winners" together with their family, friends and stars celebrate their recovery!

Therefore, the Toplyvo UA app has decided to join this mission as well! We have created an opportunity for easy and quick help for children recovering from cancer! The most important thing is that it is even profitable for you: you pay only for fuel, and you can send bonuses from the purchase to the Fund, from 10% to 100% of your choice!

It is especially nice to see in your personal account an extract with a seal about the monthly payment that was sent to the Fund! Now you can get coffee in every coffee shop app for bonus funds, pastries in the bakery, and save a child's life in Toplyvo Ua. 
What's next? Realization of a bright dream! Are you with Toplyvo Ua?