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Terms of OSAGO from Euroins - Toplyvo Ua

Terms of OSAGO from Euroins

Car insurance in a smartphone is no longer a surprise. Papers are gradually becoming a thing of the past, and digital technologies are taking over. You can buy an OSAGO policy on your own in 5 minutes at any time. No contact during a pandemic: no need to go to the office, meet with insurance agents. Comfortable shopping is the main advantage of online shopping.

In Toplyvo UA, users take out European OSAGO insurance online. The service works without intermediaries, so each driver gets a low price for the policy.

How to get Euroins car insurance at Toplyvo UA?

On the main screen of the service, select the section "Services" - "Electronic policy", then the following procedure:

  • Indicate the details of the car and driver.
  • Choose a franchise and pay by card, cash or from your personal balance.
  • In 1 minute you will receive Euroins insurance online.

If you are buying an electronic version for the first time and in doubt, check the registration number through the MTIBU official website. You do not need to print the document, the electronic version is equated to the paper one. Online policy is available for IOS and Android users.

Car insurance from EUROINS - a guarantee of reliability

By law, payments for OSAGO are relatively small amounts. In minor accidents, they compensate for damage to the car or pay for the treatment of the injured. But in major accidents, the policy will not be enough, and all other costs will have to be paid by yourself. An extended insurance package will come to the rescue.

Euroins insurance options for OSAGO:

  1. Standard

Two types of payments: if property is damaged (another car or a stop), the insurance compensates for 130,000 UAH and 260,000 UAH - if a person is injured. In minor accidents with damage up to UAH 50 thousand, the Europrotocol is signed without police officers, the insurance company also considers such cases.

  1. Policy plus

The amount of payments increases to UAH 230,000 for damage to the car, for health - UAH 260,000. This option works in addition to the main Euroins insurance.

  1. Euro protection on the road

The insurance company reimburses 300,000 hryvnia for property damage, 150,000 hryvnia for the health of the victims. The health of the driver and his passengers is protected in the amount of UAH 50,000 or UAH 100,000 to choose from.

  1. All inclusive

This is OSAGO + CASCO Ligh - the widest coverage of insurance services. If the Euroins client is to blame for the accident, then the costs of both the victim's car and his are covered. Euroins pays up to UAH 20,000 for hospital treatment. This is enough for first aid even in well-known clinics in Kiev.

Where to go if you got into an accident:

  1. Try to calm down and not panic.
  2. From the accident site, call the Euroins hotline 0 800 501 513 or short number 470, follow the operator's recommendations.
  3. Draw up Europrotocol or call the police 101.
  4. Call an ambulance 103 if needed.
  5. Exchange data with the participants in the accident: name, car brand and state number, mobile, policy number, insurance name, take pictures of cars from different sides.
  6. Not later than 3 working days after the incident, send a statement to dtp@euroins.com.ua.
  7. Do not repair the vehicle before the insurance agent contacts you.