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The benefits and main advantages of Toplyvo UA - Toplyvo Ua

The benefits and main advantages of Toplyvo UA

Your car is your rules! Refuel anywhere in the country whenever it suits you. All the top 1490 gas stations are in full view. You don't need to have superpowers for this. It is enough just to use the Toplyvo UA mobile application. Here everyone gets discounts on gas, petrol and diesel fuel without conditions and loyalty programs. Why is it profitable and convenient with us? Let's go through the key points.

Instant discount for profitable gas stations

I downloaded the application to my phone and got a discount. You do not need to buy bulk fuel, accumulate bonuses and collect buns, as in the conditions of most gas station loyalty programs. All users, without exception, receive a discount on gasoline. It is important that the savings for drivers in the service are stable. It is not affected by changes in the price of oil products on the market.

Thus, for each user, the discount is:

  • gasoline up to -3 UAH per liter;
  • Diesel -2.25 UAH per liter;
  • LPG up to minus UAH 1.20 per liter.

Purchase of gasoline at a discount one, two, three ...

It is not only profitable with us, but also easy to use! Three tapas - and you have the fuel. I chose my favorite gas station, type of fuel, number of liters, paid. That's all - within 10 seconds the ticket will appear on the central screen of the application.

We give a little hint: the fastest payment method is from a personal balance within the service. Replenish your account in advance in the "Account" section and select "Personal account" from the list at the stage of payment. The calculation takes place instantly and you already have your favorite fuel.

The best gas stations in Ukraine in one place

OKKO, Wog, Shell, Glusco ... and where do you refuel most often? Toplyvo UA offers petrol stations for every taste, here everyone will find what he needs! In total, the service coverage is 1490 filling stations in all regions of Ukraine. Choose your favorites: Wog, OKKO, Glusco, Shell, Motto, Ovis, Chipo, PP Oil, Sunoil. Online discount coupons for gasoline "work" throughout the country, refueling with SA Fuel is your freedom!

Additional benefits for users:

  1. Vignettes for 8 European countries.
  2. Insurance OSAGO for a period of 1 year.
  3. Navigational map of the nearest gas stations and checkpoints on the border with Ukraine.
  4. Calculation of fuel consumption.
  5. Earnings by inviting new users to the service.

Getting discounts on fuel is easier than you think! Go to us!