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Refuel on Glusco: how much discount you get, coupons expiration date and filling station coverage - Toplyvo Ua

Refuel on Glusco: how much discount you get, coupons expiration date and filling station coverage

If Glusco is your favorite gas station, then this article is for you! How cool it is to come where there is a special atmosphere, and the friendly staff will serve you quickly and efficiently. In addition, the high quality of the fuel pleases: you and your car will be delighted. Buy Glusco petrol vouchers in the Toplyvo UA app and you are guaranteed a refueling at a bargain price!

What fuel discounts does Toplyvo UA offer?

We offer to buy Glusco coupons at the following discounts:

  • А-98, А-95 Maxx, А-95, А-92 discount minus UAH 2 per liter when paying by card or in cash, -2.60 UAH/liter from personal balance.
  • Diesel Fuel Maxx, diesel fuel saving 2 UAH/liter, payment with a bank card or in cash, -2.60 UAH/liter if paid from a personal account.
  • Gas — the discount is 0.60 UAH/liter when paying from a card and in cash, -1 UAH/liter when paying from a personal balance.

Fuel cards for Glusco: discounts for Toplyvo UA users

For Glusco gas stations, coupons are valid for three months. If you do not have time to use it within the specified period, we advise you to send the certificate to a friend or friend. Please note: he must be a user of Toplyvo UA.

Keep the instructions: click on the active certificate, then in the upper right corner on “Share” and in the phone book that appears, select the mobile number of the person to whom you want to send the fuel QR-code. Other ways to transfer Glusco coupons are prohibited!

Did you buy the wrong type of fuel or its denomination by mistake? Call or write to technical support. We will refund the funds for Glusco coupons to a personal balance or to a bank card (the operation will take 2-3 banking days, and a commission of 2% of the amount is deducted).

Gas station coverage

The coverage is 110 filling stations in 13 regions of Ukraine. Each filling complex is a place where you can not only refuel your car, but also have a nice rest in a cozy place. You can quickly find the nearest gas station in the app by going to the “Maps” tab.

The fuel complies with the quality of the Euro-5 standard. The filling station cooperates directly with manufacturing plants of the EU countries: ORLEN (Lithuania), Mozyr Oil Refinery.

When gasoline rises in price every day, order Glusco electronic coupons. You can buy them in just 2 minutes through our application. Take Toplyvo UA to a new level of car refueling!