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To buy an electronic coupon, you need to select the fuel type and the nominal value. Then, press “continue” and choose the method of payment “credit card, cash”. Next, enter the card details (card number, CVV code and card expiration date) and make a payment or top-up your account using the PrivatBank terminal. After payment, the coupon will appear in the main menu of the application, in the section “Active”. To fill your car up, press the coupon and you will see a QR-code you need to show to the operator at the checkout. Be sure to keep you till slips.

To pay in cash, click on the button “cash”, enter the number of your mobile phone, and a confirmation code will be sent to it. Enter the code in the application. Then, in the PrivatBank terminal, press on the screen “I don’t have a card” and enter the same mobile phone number. After authorization, in the upper right corner of the terminal screen you will see an unpaid bill from Toplyvo UA. You pay the bill, and the coupon appears in the main menu of your application, in the section “Active”.

After you pay for the coupons of the standard nominal value, they will instantly appear in the application in the menu Active and will be ready to use. 

To change your bank card number, you need to select “Other way”. You can find this button underneath your card details that have been already saved in the application.

Absolutely. You can use an account registered for one mobile number on different smartphones.

Depending on the network of filling stations, the validity period varies from 1 to 24 months. Validity period for Shell – up to 1 month, Avia, F +, Ultra, Sunoil, Motto – up to 3 months, Chipo, PP Oil – up to 6 months. The validity period of a liter balance on OKKO is 24 months from the date of purchase, on WOG – 12 months. The Ovis gas station network has a maximum period of validity – until 2047.

The exact date of the last use of the coupon is indicated on each coupon.

Coupon is valid up to 3 months.

The coupon is limited to one-time use, be careful, try to calculate the amount of purchased fuel relative to the capacity of your tank. If you still have unused fuel under the coupon, you need to immediately contact our service desk. We will re-activate your coupon, which you will be able to scan again BY THE END OF THE DAY AND AT THE SAME FILLING STATION!

Absolutely! Our team has been constantly working on expansion of filling stations networks and improvement of the quality of service.

Underneath the amount of bonuses specified in the application, there is an option “To redeem to personal account”

No, bonuses from each of your referees are accrued on a constant basis at the rate of UAH 0.20 per each liter of diesel fuel or gasoline they have filled their cars up with (does not apply to gas).

No, there are no limits. You can invite any number of friends and use the bonus system from each of them.

In the section “bonuses”, click on the button “Invite friends”, which will give you a link. This link must be copied and shared with your friends. As soon as your invited friends follow this link and download the application, you will get the bonuses, accrued on a special bonus account, in the amount of UAH 0.20 /1L for each liter of diesel fuel or gasoline they have filled their cars up with (does not apply to gas).