Rating of countries: where our users most often bought vignettes

Купить электронную виньетку от Toplyvo UA

Travel without borders and for fun-this is the main goal of convenient purchase of vignettes using the Toplyvo UA app! Our reports for 2020 confirm that users are willing to go on road trips around Europe. Of course, the spring quarantine made adjustments, forced us to change plans and sit out self-isolation. And yet the popularity of electronic road tickets is growing!
For those who are just planning a trip and want, for example, to buy a vignette to Bulgaria online, we have collected useful information about road tolls and compiled a rating of states where Toplyvo UA users most often drove. Where do you plan to go in 2021?

Why is online payment of road tolls so popular?

  • No paper coupons: it’s convenient and reliable;
  • the possibility of forgery of the form is excluded;
  • save time: no waiting for certificate verification;
  • there will not be a situation where ” forms are not available”.

Where and how to pay the road toll?

You can buy a certificate: when entering a European country at a gas station, at border points for paying road tolls, at the post office or on special websites. The most convenient option: purchase a pass in advance through the free Toplyvo App.

For example, you can buy a vignette to Hungary online by selecting the “Road payment” section. Then mark the required state and enter the car data, namely: type, country of registration, number. Specify information about the driver and the period of stay. Pay and get a ticket for your smartphone. So easy and your European trip is paid for!

Where in Europe do they pay for roads with vignettes?

Motorists buy online vignettes of Latvia, Romania, Slovakia, Moldova, Hungary, Austria, Estonia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, and Luxembourg vignettes. Below on the map, European countries where road tolls are paid with coupons are marked in red and brown:

Rating of European countries by popularity among users of the Toplyvo UA

Ukrainians are increasingly traveling in their own cars in Europe and our reports for 2020 confirm this! Vignettes to Romania were bought online most often. Next, we share the rating of the most popular Toplyvo UA users:

  1. Romania
  2. Moldova
  3. Hungary
  4. Bulgaria
  5. Slovenia
  6. Lithuania
  7. Latvian
  8. Estonia

Did you travel abroad last year or only in Ukraine?

For “Ukrainian” car trips, you will need the Toplyvo UA app. You will get gasoline with discounts and not only! Buy fuel certificates at the best price on the market!

We did it: 1 million users in Toplyvo UA!

1 млн пользователей Toplyvo UA

The Toplyvo UA team drowns for all and continues to gain popularity in Ukraine! 1 million downloads in the App Store and Play Market — something we are proud of today! We thank everyone for this wonderful gift for the New year, we dreamed of getting this cherished figure.

Now Toplyvo UA is:

  • 1 000 000 downloads;
  • 67 807 550 UAH has been saved by the users of the application;
  • 71 509 970 liters of fuel spilled; 
  • 667 popular gas stations in the app: Glusco, Shell, Motto, Сhipo, Ovis, Sunoil. 

What’s next?

And then “Napoleonic” plans to capture the Ukrainian market. We start a new stage with the inspiring phrase of our CEO Alexander Badenko: “There are already 1,000,000 users, and in 2021 we want 3 million!”. Soon we are preparing integration with new partners, so that even more motorists can buy electronic fuel coupons at pleasant and stable discounts.

Toplyvo UA — the app is for everyone who has a smartphone and a car. Click-click and fuel at a bargain price is already with you! If you want so — welcome to us!

How to start? Instructions for new users of Toplyvo UA

Как пользоваться инструкция Toplyvo UA

It’s cool that now you are with us and will enjoy the best app with discounts. We are sure that you and your car will like it with us! With Toplyvo UA, you save up to 12% on gasoline and conveniently refuel at the 6 best gas stations in Ukraine: Shell, Chipo, Glusco, Ovis, Motto, Sunoil.

We will tell you further how to easily and quickly buy the first electronic ticket for a beginner. Go…

Step-by-step instructions for new users of Toplyvo UA

Buy your first ticket in just 3 clicks:

  1. On the main screen, select the required gas station and fuel type.
  2. Choose the required number of liters.
  3. Choose a payment method, make a purchase and receive a confirmation within 1 minute. there are 3 payment methods: using a bank card, in cash, or from a personal account in the app account.

So simple: e-coupons at a bargain price are already in your smartphone!

Please note: the expiration date of coupons is up to 3 months. If you don’t have time to use them, share the liters with a friend. Click on the required ticket and in the upper right corner click on the “Share” icon. Important! The ticket can only be sent to the Toplyvo UA user.

Additional features: what do you get in addition to discounts on gasoline?

Toplyvo UA is not only fuel coupons, but much more!

What else do we give to our favourite users:

  • Purchase of electronic vignettes.
  • Map of the nearest gas stations.
  • Fuel consumption calculator: calculate the cost of the trip.
  • Referral system: invite your friends and earn 20 kopecks for every liter of gasoline they fill up.
  • Statistics of money saved.

These features are implemented in the Toplyvo UA five tabs: coupons, card, expense, bonuses and Account.

Buy electronic vignettes easily and simply

With the app, buying electronic vignettes for traveling abroad is easier than you think!

Keep the tips:

  1. Go to the “Road payment” section and click on the “Buy vignette” button.
  2. The list of 8 European countries opens: Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary. Choose the right one for you!
  3. Fill in the details of the car: number, type, country of registration. You must enter information about the driver: full name, TIN number or passport.
  4. Fill in the travel date and validity period of the ticket. the cost of the electronic card will open. If you are satisfied with the price, click “Order vignette”.
  5. Then you pay and you’re done! Have a nice trip)

Our technical support will help you in any unclear situations! From 7: 00 to 23: 00 we are in touch: +38 050 980 08 00.

Rather, test the Toplyvo UA app! We are waiting for your feedback on the App Store and Play Market. Share your impressions!

Get a discount on SHELL V-Power: you have only 3 days!

Скидка SHELL V-Power от Toplyvo UA

No time to explain! Keep the action that will win your heart! Toplyvo UA and Shell gas stations give an additional discount on SHELL V-Power fuel. Don’t think too long, join us and get cashback!

Okay, I want to participate: let’s get the details!

Toplyvo UA users will be able to buy SHELL V-Power fuel at a discount:

  • petrol -6 UAH/ l
  • gas -1.20 UAH/ l

When: Friday 27/11 from 00: 00 to 23: 59 29/11.

Detailed conditions:

  1. Buy and use an electronic ticket for petrol or gas shell V-Power for the specified period at the current price in Toplyvo UA.
  2. From 1/12-5/12 get cashback from purchases to your personal account in the app.
  3. Be happy to get a refund and continue using it with pleasure Toplyvo UA)).

Haven’t tested SHELL V-Power yet: why it’s worth a try!

The world-famous fuel with Dynaflux technology surprises motorists with its productivity. The formula is designed specifically to clean and protect the car engine. Fuel helps reduce the friction of engine parts when driving both on the highway and in urban conditions. Laboratory tests have confirmed that when friction is reduced, the energy costs of the car that occur due to heating are reduced. 100 percent: you and your car will like it!

An interesting fact is that this type of fuel consists of 99% of the same components as the fuel used on the Formula 1 track by the Scuderia Ferrari team!
Join the new promotion with Toplyvo UA!

Chipo gas station is a new partner of Toplyvo UA. What about fuel discounts?

АЗС Chipo Toplyvo UA скидки

Great news for users of the Toplyvo UA app! Introducing our new partner — Chipo gas station. The gas station is loved by Ukrainians for its fuel quality and democratic prices, so its popularity is growing every year.

The chip implements imported fuel of European quality of the EURO 5 standard. The quality fully corresponds to the level of Ukrainian popular brands of gas stations. Chipo works only with reliable, proven fuel suppliers from Europe. Among them is the Belarusian Mozyr oil refinery.

Chipo petrol discounts with the Toplyvo UA

Users of the app are very lucky: you have the opportunity to fill up with nice discounts on Chipo. Gas station is now in your smartphone at a distance of 3 clicks.

We offer Chipo fans the following discounts:

  • A-92, A-95 Euros -1 UAH/l when paying with a Bank card or cash; -1.2 UAH/l from a personal account in the app;
  • DP Euro -1.7 UAH/l Bank card or cash; -2.2 UAH/l personal account;
  • Gas – 0.25 kopecks/l Bank card or cash; -0.45 kopecks/l if paid from a personal account.

Fuel coupons are valid for up to 6 months. After use, they are automatically written off to the archive. If the required fuel does not fit in the tank of your car, you can refuel on the same day at the same gas station before the shift closes.

Life hack for app users! If you don’t have time to use the ticket, you can give it to a friend. This is another handy feature!

What types of fuel does Chipo refueling offer?

Chipo fuel characteristics pleasantly surprise motorists! Fuel quality control in the network is carried out in a modern laboratory base — the TFC (testing Fuel Center) “OKKO” research Center. Research is conducted here for the majority of Ukrainian brand gas stations. It should be noted that Testing Fuel Center is a proven supplier of research for petroleum products.

The Chipo gas station complex provides the following types of fuel:

  1. Petrol A-95 Euro 
  2. Petrol A-98 Euro
  3. Petrol A-92 Euro
  4. DT Euro
  5. Gas

Now this network of gas stations is actively developing and increasing the geography of coverage in Ukraine. The Chipo network consists of 57 gas stations and covers 12 regions: Kiev, Lviv, Khmelnitsky, Vinnytsia, Rivne, Volyn, Ivano-Frankivsk, Transcarpathian, Cherkasy, Chernihiv, Kirovohrad, Dnepropetrovsk.

Fill up quickly, comfortably and profitably at the best gas stations in Ukraine with Toplyvo UA!

SUNOIL is now with us: fuel and coverage discounts

АЗС SUNOIL скидки Toplyvo UA

Toplyvo UA sinks further and attracts new partners! Super news for app users: integration with SUNOIL gas stations. Ukrainian gas station complex started working in 2014 and every year we are gaining more and more popularity due to affordable fuel prices.

What does SUNOIL gas station offer to Toplyvo UA users?

With our app, you can profitably fill up your car at the Sanoil gas station! You won’t need inconvenient paper fuel coupons, everything is in your smartphone!

What we offer for discounts:

  • Gasoline: savings of 1.2 UAH/liter when paying via a terminal or Bank card; -1.7 UAH/liter if paying from a personal account in the app.
  • Diesel fuel -1.2 UAH/l with a Bank card or cash; -1.7 UAH / l from a personal account.
  • Gas: save 0.40 kopecks/l when paying with a Bank card or cash; -0.60 kopecks/l when paying from a personal account.

Electronic coupons are valid for 6 months. If you don’t have time to use your fuel card by the deadline, you can give it to a friend. Obligatory condition: it must be a user of the app!

There are cases when the purchased fuel does not fit in the car’s tank. There is a way out of the situation: to refuel, you need to return to the same SUNOIL gas station by 23:00 on the same day and top up the required liters.

If something went wrong, please call our caring technical support: +38 (050) 980 08 00. From 7: 00-23: 00 seven days a week we are in touch!

 What types of fuel does the gas station offer?

SUNOIL stations are represented in 9 regions of Ukraine. Gas stations are located in the following regions: Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Transcarpathian, Mykolaiv, Odessa, Kherson, Sumy, Kharkiv, Khmelnitsky. In total, there are 140 gas stations, including 35 gas stations and 43 gas stations in the format of stores.

Виды топливаTypes of fuel for Sanoil:
на Саноил:

  1. A-92
  2. A-95
  3. A – 95 Euro
  4. Euro
  5. GAS LPG
  6. Methane GAS

For a long time do not think! If you haven’t refueled at the SUNOIL gas station yet, try it! You and your car will love it!


Отзывы Toplyvo UA

Send a short video review of the app to our email! And we will take it to work for our commercial! Tell us how you found out about Toplivo UA, how much time you use It, what advantages you have set aside for yourself, and what you would like to change/add. We love our users and appreciate their feedback.

Don’t be shy and catch your luck by the tail!

Наш e-mail – marketing@toplyvo.app – ждем ваши видеоотзывы с пометкой в ​​теме: «Хочу быть звездой Toplyvo UA”

OVIS gas station is our new partner!

АЗС ОВИС скидки Toplyvo UA

News that will please our favorite users from Kharkiv and the region, because we have a new offer for the local network of gas stations OVIS.

OVIS will surprise you with the quality of fuel. The gas station is an official importer of European VENTUS fuel, as well as a representative of the Lithuanian manufacturer Orlen Lietuva. OVIS uses diesel fuel and gasoline from the best domestic manufacturers.
There are 43 gas stations in Kharkiv and 1 gas station in Poltava regions.

What about discounts?

Discount on Ukrainian-made fuel — A-92, a-92 Euros (Belarus), A-95-0.50 UAH by Bank card, 1 UAH by personal account. Discount on fuel produced in Lithuania A-95 Orlen (95+), DT Orlen (DT+), A-98 Orlen, TC-1 — 1 UAH by Bank card, and 1.50 UAH by personal account. Gas — 0,30 UAH by Bank card, and 0,50 UAH by personal account. Coupons are debited automatically. The expiration date is conditionally infinite-coupons until 2047.

Non-refills arrive on the same day at the same gas station until the end of the shift.

If you are from Kharkiv, then you are lucky, because the service and quality of fuel will not leave you indifferent! Fill up at the best gas stations with Toplyvo UA!

Why does the arrow show an empty tank when refueling “to full”?

What is the probability that a sensor that shows only the remaining fuel can create a large number of problems. And why does the arrow show an empty tank when refueling “to full”? Curiosity became paramount and we decided to find out everything once and for all.

A driver who has problems with the fuel sensor can be seen from afar. He always keeps a small can of fuel nearby. And also, most often, this is a person who asks to refuel on the side of the road. On the one hand, the fuel sensor does not affect the operation of the car. However, the comfort of the process is so accurate! Namely, you always need to calculate how much fuel is left and whether there is enough fuel to reach your destination.

Causes of problems with the fuel sensor:

  1. Loss of tightness of the built-in float. The first reason why the monitoring device will show the minimum fuel level, and the actual amount no longer plays a decisive role. You can fix the problem by replacing the float or by completely replacing the device.
  2. Damage to the wire holder of the built-in float. Namely, due to frequent movement on uneven surfaces, you will also see a false value. If the bend is directed up, the indicators will always be increased, if down, the parameters will be underestimated. So we need to restore it to its former appearance and that’s it.
  3. If the sensor housing is broken during an accident or after prolonged use of low-quality fuel, serious measures are required – replacing the device.
  4. The same method is used in the case of a burst variable resistor. Therefore the sensor will always show a full or empty tank until you fix your car.
  5. Also it is often discussed on driver forums that this situation occurred after refueling with the engine running. In some cases, over time, the arrow creeps up after the car started moving. Or the very next day, that is, after a long shutdown of the engine. Especially if you refuel for 20 liters, then you need to refuel again, but before the tank is full and the sensor will show the true level again. You can also try turning the ignition off and on. 

If the situation repeats, you need to take it seriously and make a diagnosis or immediately replace the sensor. After all, according to the rules of the road, the operation of a car is prohibited if the fuel level indicator is faulty. Be responsible to yourself first. After all, the rules exist based on the consequences, as a conclusion from the past experience of accidents, accidents. Only in fairy tales rules to break them, it’s not for you to be a responsible driver.