What to do if you made a mistake with choosing a coupon?

Вернуть талон на топливо
The modern rhythm of life does not allow us to relax: we are constantly in a hurry, do several things on the go, keep hundreds of thoughts in our head and try to focus on the main thing. And we understand that you also sometimes buy fuel coupons in the app in a hurry. An error may occur: he missed the choice of a gas station or chose a different type of fuel.

This happens to many users. In this situation, the main thing is not to panic and not worry that you have lost money – Toplyvo UA does not abandon its people in trouble!

If you made a mistake with choosing a coupon: instructions for users of Toplyvo UA

First of all, contact our technical support:

  • by phone number: 050 980 08 00 
  • to one of the chats convenient for you: Telegram, Viber, Messenger.
The specialist will make a request to deactivate the petrol coupon. After the certificate is verified and canceled, the spent funds are credited to the personal account of the application.

Please note: the process of deactivating a fuel card and crediting funds in general lasts up to 7 days. Such an operation can be carried out with certificates from all gas stations presented in the service: Shell, Motto, Glusco, Sunoil, Chipo, Ovis.

We recommend that you be careful when making a purchase. Remember - in case of trouble, the Toplyvo UA team will make every effort to help you!

Where did Motto coupons disappear and what should users do?

купить талоны на топливо Мото

The second day Toplyvo UA technical support is in the air: an endless stream of calls and chats continues to come. “Where did the Motto fuel coupons go? My coupons cannot be scanned at the gas station. I can’t buy coupons through the app”. These are the most frequently asked questions from users!

Don’t panic: our partners Motto are having technical problems, so we have temporarily suspended the sale of fuel cards. We apologize for the current situation.

What if I have active coupons from Motto?

Urgently call our technical support at the number: 050-980-08-00 or write to one of the chats of Viber, Telegram, Messenger. We solve each issue individually, depending on the status of the coupon (some of them are active and can be purchased, so we carry out an additional check).

At the gas station, Motto was reassured that the situation would be resolved approximately after March 12. We really hope that it will be so! We keep you informed and advise you to closely follow our feed on social networks. We are worried about each user, as for ourselves, we ask you to be patient and wait out the temporary inconvenience. Stay with us)

Refuel on Glusco: how much discount you get, coupons expiration date and filling station coverage

купить талоны Glusco

If Glusco is your favorite gas station, then this article is for you! How cool it is to come where there is a special atmosphere, and the friendly staff will serve you quickly and efficiently. In addition, the high quality of the fuel pleases: you and your car will be delighted. Buy Glusco petrol vouchers in the Toplyvo UA app and you are guaranteed a refueling at a bargain price!

What fuel discounts does Toplyvo UA offer?

We offer to buy Glusco coupons at the following discounts:

  • А-98, А-95 Maxx, А-95, А-92 discount minus UAH 2 per liter when paying by card or in cash, -2.60 UAH/liter from personal balance.
  • Diesel Fuel Maxx, diesel fuel saving 2 UAH/liter, payment with a bank card or in cash, -2.60 UAH/liter if paid from a personal account.
  • Gas — the discount is 0.60 UAH/liter when paying from a card and in cash, -1 UAH/liter when paying from a personal balance.

Fuel cards for Glusco: discounts for Toplyvo UA users

For Glusco gas stations, coupons are valid for three months. If you do not have time to use it within the specified period, we advise you to send the certificate to a friend or friend. Please note: he must be a user of Toplyvo UA.

Keep the instructions: click on the active certificate, then in the upper right corner on “Share” and in the phone book that appears, select the mobile number of the person to whom you want to send the fuel QR-code. Other ways to transfer Glusco coupons are prohibited!

Did you buy the wrong type of fuel or its denomination by mistake? Call or write to technical support. We will refund the funds for Glusco coupons to a personal balance or to a bank card (the operation will take 2-3 banking days, and a commission of 2% of the amount is deducted).

Gas station coverage

The coverage is 110 filling stations in 13 regions of Ukraine. Each filling complex is a place where you can not only refuel your car, but also have a nice rest in a cozy place. You can quickly find the nearest gas station in the app by going to the “Maps” tab.

The fuel complies with the quality of the Euro-5 standard. The filling station cooperates directly with manufacturing plants of the EU countries: ORLEN (Lithuania), Mozyr Oil Refinery.

When gasoline rises in price every day, order Glusco electronic coupons. You can buy them in just 2 minutes through our application. Take Toplyvo UA to a new level of car refueling!

Top 10 the most popular questions from Toplyvo UA users

купить бензин в Toplyvo UA

The Toplyvo UA team receives hundreds of requests from users. Situations are different, but we always get involved and try to help. Our team has identified a number of typical questions about the application. We answer in as much detail as possible and without water. We hope the info will be useful for you and will help you quickly navigate in non-standard situations!

Most popular questions from users:

1. What is the validity period of Toplyvo UA coupons?

The validity period depends on the filling station network. For Shell, Motto and Glusco, the fuel voucher is valid for up to three months. Sanoil: gasoline, diesel – up to 3 months, gas – up to one month. On Chipo, certificates “work” for six months. For Ovis petrol stations, fuel cards are unlimited.

2. What to do if gasoline does not fit into the tank?

Immediately call technical support at + 380-050-9-800-800. Let’s return the certificate to active ones and you will refuel. A prerequisite is to arrive at the same gas station before the end of the shift of the current day.

3. How to top up an account in your personal account?

In the “Account” section, click on “Top up”, select a bank. Bring the cash to the terminal, to the cashier of the branch, through a transfer or Privat24. Before sending funds, be sure to check the card number for replenishment, because it changes. Money sent between 23:00-07:00 will be credited at 7:00. After the transfer, be sure to confirm the transfer by indicating the amount in the application. Within 10 minutes the funds will “arrive” on the balance.

4. How to pay for coupons through the terminal?

At the stage of choosing a payment method, click on “Cash” and enter your mobile number, a confirmation code will be sent to it. Enter it in the terminal, mark “I have no card”. Log in using your mobile phone number. Further, an unpaid invoice from Toplyvo UA will be displayed on the terminal screen in the corner. Deposit funds, and the coupon will appear in the application in the “Active” tab.

5. How soon will I receive the coupon?

When paying by credit card or cash, the fuel card appears within 1 minute. If you deposit money to your personal balance and then make a purchase, then the coupon is generated within ten minutes.

6. What if the purchased coupon does not appear in the application?

We recommend that you update the application by swiping down from the top of the coupons section. If this does not help, then we recommend uninstalling the application, reinstalling it and logging in using the phone number.

7. What is the essence of the referral system?

With the Toplyvo App you earn real money, which is credited to your personal balance. All you need to do is invite your friends to refuel through the app. You get bonuses – 20 kopecks for each liter of gasoline and diesel fuel filled with them (does not apply to gas). You can spend the bonus money to buy fuel. More active referrals – more bonuses.

To make an invitation, in the “bonuses” tab, click “Invite friends”. A link will be generated that you send to potential users. They download the app and become your referrals.

8. What should I do if the coupon expires, but I cannot redeem it?

We offer to return the coupon, for this call the technical support or write to the chat (Viber, Messenger, Telegram). We return the money in two ways: to a bank card, or minus 2% of the amount to a personal account in Toplyvo UA. The app also offers to share the certificate with a friend, but it is important that he be our user.

9. How do I share a coupon?

Click on the required ticket. Then, in the upper right corner, click on the “Share” icon, from the list of contacts in the phone book, select a friend to whom you would like to present a fuel card. Important: the ticket is transferred only from application to application. According to the instructions, cashiers are prohibited from scanning the QR code sent to any messengers.

10. When will the new petrol stations appear in the application?

The good news: we will soon be integrating with new partners so that even more Ukrainian drivers can save on refueling with us. We are waiting for your reviews in the Play Market, App Store and App Gallery. Toplyvo UA is for everyone!

Toplyvo UA in the shopping center “Fabrika” — let's meet!

Keep the hot news: we are opening an offline point in Kherson! Meeting place — Fabrika shopping mall near McDonald’s. If you want to meet our team live or still do not understand how to design a vignette or car, we are waiting for you. We will be happy to introduce you to the application’s chips and show you how you can easily save on fuel and freeze the price for up to 3 months!

Free liters for newcomers

A pleasant surprise awaits new users. For the test of the application we provide a free electronic coupon for gasoline, diesel fuel or gas with a face value of 5 liters at the gas station presented in Toplyvo UA! To do this, simply register at the promo point and download the application to your smartphone. The girls from the technical support will advise you in detail on how to use it!

Take a photo with Toha — get a gift!

Even children will like us! They have the opportunity to make friends with our superhero — a hulk named Toh. Bright impressions are guaranteed for you! Catch him and take a photo! Then post it on Instagram, link the toplyvo_ua page and get UAH 25 to buy fuel!

Промо акция Toplyvo UA
Акция Топливо ЮА

And we treat you with cookies with foresight for drivers, give car air fresheners, pens with the company logo and many other pleasures. Plus a gift for every birthday user.

So we are waiting for you to visit us!

We give gifts to the most active users of the week

Купить талон на топливо

On cold winter days, we delight those who spend a lot of time with us. We are launching a new promotion! You don’t need to do anything special, just actively buy fuel coupons and refuel through the app within a week!

Important points:

  • It is necessary to purchase coupons and refuel the car at least 2 times through Toplyvo UA within a week.
  • We choose the winner at random every Monday.
  • We give a coupon for 10 liters of fuel at the gas station, presented in the application.

We hope in this way all our active users will receive their pleasant gift from us)

We remind you: there is a parallel action “Every 5000 purchase is free”. It’s so nice when buying gasoline to see the notification that you are lucky today!

More fuel purchases with us — more surprises! We warm each other on frosty days with warm emotions)

OSAGO insurance is now in Toplyvo UA: the best price on the market

We rallied ourselves after the New Year holidays and prepared a top offer for our users. Now in Toplyvo UA it is possible to order OSAGO policy online. The best price on the market, registration in 5 minutes, a reliable insurance company and live technical support — all in one application! Plus, of course, discounted fuel.

4 reasons to issue OSAGO in Toplyvo UA:

  1. The most favourable price in Ukraine: we work without intermediaries directly with the insurance company Euroins. 
  2. Easy purchase: a few minutes and you have an electronic car insurance.
  3. Decorate where it is convenient, because your smartphone is always with you.
  4. Policy cost calculator.

Under the OSAGO agreement, Euroins insurance company pays each victim:

  • UAH 130,000 — in case of damage to property;
  • UAH 260,000 if damage to health or life.

How to order an e-policy in the Toplyvo UA: instructions

It is possible to buy car insurance online through the app in Beta version for Android users. We will present a release for IOS soon.

Catch design tips:

  1. On the main screen of the application, select the “Services” tab, then click on “OSAGO”.
  2. Click to issue a policy.
  3. Enter the car number and city of registration.
  4. Next, the insurance company — Euroins is highlighted. More companies coming soon).
  5. Choose a convenient franchise: UAH 0, UAH 1000, UAH 1500, UAH 2500.
  6. Fill in the details of the documents and pay by cash or card.
  7. Receive your policy by email as a PDF file.

The term for issuing a policy through the application is 1 year.

What cost do we offer?

The price of car insurance is calculated individually. Depends on the type of car, year of manufacture, place of registration, the period of registration of the vehicle and the availability of driver benefits (disability, Chernobyl victims, pensioners or participants in hostilities).

When you issue a policy, you will be shown a discount price and how much you would have spent buying without Toplyvo UA. The difference will pleasantly surprise you: we offer the best price in Ukraine.

Popular questions:

  • What is deductible and sum insured?

The deductible is the amount that the insurer does not reimburse. For example, if under insurance with a deductible of UAH 1000 in an accident, the victim’s car is damaged by UAH 30,000, then the insurance company will compensate for UAH 29,000.

The sum insured is the money that the insurance company undertakes to pay in an insured event.

  • Is there a difference between an electronic vehicle and a regular one?

No difference. An electronic policy is the same as a paper one, but only in your smartphone.

  • Does the insurance work if the owner of the car is not driving?

Yes, it applies to any car driver. But there are exceptions: when applying for a beneficiary, the policy works only for him. The insurance also does not work if it was bought for a driver with a long experience, and a beginner was driving.

  • For which vehicles do you need to buy E-OSAGO online?

For scooters, motorcycles, cars, trailers for trucks and cars, buses and minibuses.

Take care of life and cars with Toplyvo UA!

Who needs a SHELL thermal cup and 5 liters of fuel?

купить талоны на топливо Шелл

On cold February days, we delight our subscribers with warm gifts. Just imagine: the weather outside the window and you are holding a branded thermal cup from SHELL with your favourite drink. You take a sip and your soul becomes warm and warm … Well, cool!

If you want so, try your luck and take part in the give on our page in Instagram. Plus, we give each winner a coupon for 5 liters of fuel!

Get the conditions of the competition:

  1. Buy SHELL fuel coupons from 30 liters in the Toplyvo UA app.
  2. Refuel the car between 3.02 and 8.02 until 14:00.
  3. Put in the comments under the post “+” and send the screen of refueling with a fuel coupon to us in direct.

We will select 10 winners who will receive nice gifts very soon! We select participants at random, so be careful and be sure to leave a “+” in the comments. 

We wish you warm emotions and good luck of course!)

Зимние лайфхаки от пользователей Toplyvo UA: водителям на заметку

Toplyvo UA советы для авто

Суровые январские морозы добрались и до Украины! Снег, гололед, снижение температуры — не лучшее время для водителей, это самые сложные условия для вождения авто. Обмерзание дверей, замков и стекол, проблемы с запуском двигателя и “мертвая” сигнализация — все это и не только может приключиться с каждым. 

Мы собрали самые полезные зимние лайфхаки от наших пользователей. Возможно они помогут тебе сэкономить деньги, время и нервы. Применяйте на дороге и берегите себя! 

Наши пользователи советуют:

Немножко юмора не помешает:)

Еще несколько советов от Toplyvo UA

  • Не открывай резко двери. На морозе двери авто часто примерзают: пристают резиновые уплотнители к кузову. Советуем не дергать двери резко, открывайте “нежно и ласково”)
  • После поездки следует проветрить салон авто. Перед тем, как поставить машину вечером на стоянку, открой двери на несколько минут. Так ты удалишь лишнюю влагу. В противном случае, если ночью будет мороз, то изморозь будет не снаружи, а внутри стекол. И ее придется убирать скребком.
  • Не паркуйся “в сугроб”. При низкой температуре воздуха автомобильный пластик на бамперах дубеет и становится хрупким. Поэтому не стоит парковаться вплотную к обледеневшему снежному сугробу.

Надеемся наша подборка тебе пригодится и зимняя непогода не будет препятствием для путешествия! И не забывай про шапку и шарфик))

Rating of countries: where our users most often bought vignettes

Купить электронную виньетку от Toplyvo UA

Travel without borders and for fun-this is the main goal of convenient purchase of vignettes using the Toplyvo UA app! Our reports for 2020 confirm that users are willing to go on road trips around Europe. Of course, the spring quarantine made adjustments, forced us to change plans and sit out self-isolation. And yet the popularity of electronic road tickets is growing!
For those who are just planning a trip and want, for example, to buy a vignette to Bulgaria online, we have collected useful information about road tolls and compiled a rating of states where Toplyvo UA users most often drove. Where do you plan to go in 2021?

Why is online payment of road tolls so popular?

  • No paper coupons: it’s convenient and reliable;
  • the possibility of forgery of the form is excluded;
  • save time: no waiting for certificate verification;
  • there will not be a situation where ” forms are not available”.

Where and how to pay the road toll?

You can buy a certificate: when entering a European country at a gas station, at border points for paying road tolls, at the post office or on special websites. The most convenient option: purchase a pass in advance through the free Toplyvo App.

For example, you can buy a vignette to Hungary online by selecting the “Road payment” section. Then mark the required state and enter the car data, namely: type, country of registration, number. Specify information about the driver and the period of stay. Pay and get a ticket for your smartphone. So easy and your European trip is paid for!

Where in Europe do they pay for roads with vignettes?

Motorists buy online vignettes of Latvia, Romania, Slovakia, Moldova, Hungary, Austria, Estonia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, and Luxembourg vignettes. Below on the map, European countries where road tolls are paid with coupons are marked in red and brown:

Rating of European countries by popularity among users of the Toplyvo UA

Ukrainians are increasingly traveling in their own cars in Europe and our reports for 2020 confirm this! Vignettes to Romania were bought online most often. Next, we share the rating of the most popular Toplyvo UA users:

  1. Romania
  2. Moldova
  3. Hungary
  4. Bulgaria
  5. Slovenia
  6. Lithuania
  7. Latvian
  8. Estonia

Did you travel abroad last year or only in Ukraine?

For “Ukrainian” car trips, you will need the Toplyvo UA app. You will get gasoline with discounts and not only! Buy fuel certificates at the best price on the market!