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Chipo gas station is a new partner of Toplyvo UA. What about fuel discounts? - Toplyvo Ua

Chipo gas station is a new partner of Toplyvo UA. What about fuel discounts?

Great news for users of the Toplyvo UA app! Introducing our new partner — Chipo gas station. The gas station is loved by Ukrainians for its fuel quality and democratic prices, so its popularity is growing every year.

The chip implements imported fuel of European quality of the EURO 5 standard. The quality fully corresponds to the level of Ukrainian popular brands of gas stations. Chipo works only with reliable, proven fuel suppliers from Europe. Among them is the Belarusian Mozyr oil refinery.

Chipo petrol discounts with the Toplyvo UA

Users of the app are very lucky: you have the opportunity to fill up with nice discounts on Chipo. Gas station is now in your smartphone at a distance of 3 clicks.

We offer Chipo fans the following discounts:

  • A-92, A-95 Euros -1 UAH/l when paying with a Bank card or cash; -1.2 UAH/l from a personal account in the app;
  • DP Euro -1.7 UAH/l Bank card or cash; -2.2 UAH/l personal account;
  • Gas - 0.25 kopecks/l Bank card or cash; -0.45 kopecks/l if paid from a personal account.

Fuel coupons are valid for up to 6 months. After use, they are automatically written off to the archive. If the required fuel does not fit in the tank of your car, you can refuel on the same day at the same gas station before the shift closes.

Life hack for app users! If you don't have time to use the ticket, you can give it to a friend. This is another handy feature!

What types of fuel does Chipo refueling offer?

Chipo fuel characteristics pleasantly surprise motorists! Fuel quality control in the network is carried out in a modern laboratory base — the TFC (testing Fuel Center) “OKKO” research Center. Research is conducted here for the majority of Ukrainian brand gas stations. It should be noted that Testing Fuel Center is a proven supplier of research for petroleum products.

The Chipo gas station complex provides the following types of fuel:

  1. Petrol A-95 Euro 
  2. Petrol A-98 Euro
  3. Petrol A-92 Euro
  4. DT Euro
  5. Gas

Now this network of gas stations is actively developing and increasing the geography of coverage in Ukraine. The Chipo network consists of 57 gas stations and covers 12 regions: Kiev, Lviv, Khmelnitsky, Vinnytsia, Rivne, Volyn, Ivano-Frankivsk, Transcarpathian, Cherkasy, Chernihiv, Kirovohrad, Dnepropetrovsk.

Fill up quickly, comfortably and profitably at the best gas stations in Ukraine with Toplyvo UA!