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Road tolls in Europe: what has changed in 2021 - Toplyvo Ua

Road tolls in Europe: what has changed in 2021

If a trip to Europe is already marked on your calendar, then it is time to thoroughly prepare for the trip. Let's please right away: in 2021, as in the past, the checkpoints are relatively free. This was largely influenced by the pandemic, which still does not let the whole world go. Next, we will tell you what has changed in terms of road tolls in Europe in recent years.

The main changes in road tolls in 2021 are related to their rise in price. In different countries, the percentage of price increases fluctuates, the cost has changed at almost all European checkpoints. Tolls in the Baltics are no exception. Experts say this was due to changes in the consumer price index. Still, the price of a vignette is several times less than the fine for free travel. Therefore, buy, for example, a vignette for driving on toll roads of Moldova and go on a trip with peace of mind.

Travel to the Czech Republic by e-vignettes

Among the changes this year is the start of the sale of electronic vignettes for travel to the Czech Republic. They replaced the old-school paper windshield stickers. It is convenient, fast and no questions asked at the border. If you bought an old-style pass for a year, it will still work until the end of the current period. I am glad that such innovations did not affect the price of the pass.

The cost remains the same:

  • a year pass costs 1500 CZK; 
  • for 30 days - 440 CZK;
  • for 10 days - 310 CZK. 

Updates of the access system through Poland

An important change concerned the passage through the Polish border. A new road tax payment system, E-Toll, was launched in June. Also, at the border from December 2021, the access gates will be eliminated. Under the new system, it will be possible to buy a vignette through the E-Toll application. The service uses a satellite technology system to determine the current geolocation of the car and transfer data. The driver just needs to install and run the application, then buy a pass.

The Toplyvo UA service works according to a similar principle. Buy online vignettes in 8 European countries and go for a trip with confidence! According to our statistics, for the summer season 2021, payments for toll roads to Romania are in the lead. For lovers of local flavor and unusual architecture, this country will be an excellent option.

With the application, go to the following countries: Estonia, Latvia, Romania, Lithuania, Slovakia, Moldova, Lithuania, Bulgaria.

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