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FAQ for WOG gas station users - Toplyvo Ua

FAQ for WOG gas station users

Toplyvo UA is always on the same wavelength with users and knows exactly what difficulties they face when using the application. We have collected a number of typical questions about buying fuel for WOG gas stations. Take advice and feel free to refuel with Toplyvo UA.

Frequently asked questions about buying fuel from WOG

What are the discounts in the service?

Diesel fuel up to minus UAH 2.25 per liter; coupons for WOG gasoline with a benefit of up to -1.75 UAH per liter, for LPG you get a discount of up to 1 UAH per liter.

How to get the maximum discount?

When buying fuel, choose a payment method from your personal account. Top up the balance in the "Account" tab, then click "Top up" - PrivatBank. Copy the account number and top it up with the required amount like a regular bank card. Then click on “Confirm Transfer” and indicate the funds sent. Within up to 15 minutes, the money will be in the account. Be sure to double-check the card number, it may change.

How long can I store fuel in the service?

The WOG fuel card is valid for up to 1 year from the date of purchase.

I am a new user, how do I make my first purchase?

  1. On the central screen, click on the "Buy fuel" button.
  2. Choose the type of fuel, the service includes: A-95 Mustang, Diesel fuel Mustang, A-95 Euro5, Diesel fuel Euro5, A-92 Euro5, LPG, A-100 Mustang.
  3. Indicate the amount of displacement or how much you want to make a purchase. Pay using any of the proposed methods.

After 30 seconds, the liters will appear on the central screen of the application. At the gas station, show the QR code to the cashier and indicate how many liters to fill the tank.

Can I refuel my car until it is “full”?

Yes! Tell the cashier you want to refuel until the tank is full. To do this, there must be a sufficient number of liters in the liter wallet. If the fuel has not entered the tank completely, the remainder will be returned to the account. For example, on the balance of the WOG coupon 40 liters, 25 fit, returned to the wallet - 15 liters.

What if I bought another type of fuel by mistake?

Contact Toplyvo UA technical support immediately. We will refund the funds from the Vogue fuel card to the personal balance of the application or to the bank card minus 2% of the amount. In the latter option, the money will be returned within up to 7 business days.

How to quickly contact technical support?

050 9800-800 is our contact phone number. There are also chats in messengers, write if you have any questions. We are in touch without weekends and holidays from 7:00 to 23:00.