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OVIS gas station is our new partner! - Toplyvo Ua

OVIS gas station is our new partner!

News that will please our favorite users from Kharkiv and the region, because we have a new offer for the local network of gas stations OVIS.

OVIS will surprise you with the quality of fuel. The gas station is an official importer of European VENTUS fuel, as well as a representative of the Lithuanian manufacturer Orlen Lietuva. OVIS uses diesel fuel and gasoline from the best domestic manufacturers.
There are 43 gas stations in Kharkiv and 1 gas station in Poltava regions.

What about discounts?

Discount on Ukrainian-made fuel — A-92, a-92 Euros (Belarus), A-95-0.50 UAH by Bank card, 1 UAH by personal account. Discount on fuel produced in Lithuania A-95 Orlen (95+), DT Orlen (DT+), A-98 Orlen, TC-1 — 1 UAH by Bank card, and 1.50 UAH by personal account. Gas — 0,30 UAH by Bank card, and 0,50 UAH by personal account. Coupons are debited automatically. The expiration date is conditionally infinite-coupons until 2047.

Non-refills arrive on the same day at the same gas station until the end of the shift.

If you are from Kharkiv, then you are lucky, because the service and quality of fuel will not leave you indifferent! Fill up at the best gas stations with Toplyvo UA!