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Monobank Cashback in Toplyvo UA! - Toplyvo Ua

Monobank Cashback in Toplyvo UA!

Being the first is not easy, because without progress, leadership positions are easily lost! however, we are not talking about Toplyvo UA, an innovative approach to the presentation and operation of the application has only led to an increase in the level of opportunities for the user!

In June, the app managed to reach a new level by performing important integrations and updating existing features. Cooperation between Toplyvo UA and Monobank is one of such events. the conditions for receiving cashback are very simple, and the benefit is as much as 5% of the amount spent. You just need to choose the fuel and pay for the ticket with a Monobank card. Also, if you already have a bank app, select the Toplyvo UA category and then pay as a normal transaction.

Although there are more advantages to paying directly in the Toplyvo UA app, because the archive of receipts will allow you to use all the paid liters. Even if you have purchased too much fuel and filled the tank completely, you can always share it with a friend or eventually get the rest by refueling your car as needed. Pay easily and profitably, refuel at a convenient time and wherever you want, and Toplyvo UA solve complex issues, because we work for you!