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Cashback at 100% size! Just like Toplyvo UA! - Toplyvo Ua

Cashback at 100% size! Just like Toplyvo UA!

You fill up, and we return the money! In the app, every 5,000th purchase is free. No additional conditions and complicated mechanics, just buy electronic fuel coupons through Toplyvo UA. The system automatically records every transaction, and when the anniversary falls out, we return the funds in full to your personal account!

How do I know if I am the winner?

When you enter the app, you will receive a congratulatory notification! Do not be surprised, because today you are the lucky one. The funds from the purchase are instantly returned and you will be able to purchase your favorite fuel at a discount again.

Every day we record at least one such "happy" purchase, so you have a great chance of winning! Refuel with us, because it is always profitable with Toplyvo UA!