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Who needs a SHELL thermal cup and 5 liters of fuel?

Who needs a SHELL thermal cup and 5 liters of fuel?

On cold February days, we delight our subscribers with warm gifts. Just imagine: the weather outside the window and you are holding a branded thermal cup from SHELL with your favourite drink. You take a sip and your soul becomes warm and warm ... Well, cool!

If you want so, try your luck and take part in the give on our page in Instagram. Plus, we give each winner a coupon for 5 liters of fuel!

Get the conditions of the competition:

  1. Buy SHELL fuel coupons from 30 liters in the Toplyvo UA app.
  2. Refuel the car between 3.02 and 8.02 until 14:00.
  3. Put in the comments under the post “+” and send the screen of refueling with a fuel coupon to us in direct.

We will select 10 winners who will receive nice gifts very soon! We select participants at random, so be careful and be sure to leave a “+” in the comments. 

We wish you warm emotions and good luck of course!)


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