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Where did Motto coupons disappear and what should users do? - Toplyvo Ua

Where did Motto coupons disappear and what should users do?

The second day Toplyvo UA technical support is in the air: an endless stream of calls and chats continues to come. “Where did the Motto fuel coupons go? My coupons cannot be scanned at the gas station. I can't buy coupons through the app". These are the most frequently asked questions from users!

Don't panic: our partners Motto are having technical problems, so we have temporarily suspended the sale of fuel cards. We apologize for the current situation.

What if I have active coupons from Motto?

Urgently call our technical support at the number: 050-980-08-00 or write to one of the chats of Viber, Telegram, Messenger. We solve each issue individually, depending on the status of the coupon (some of them are active and can be purchased, so we carry out an additional check).

At the gas station, Motto was reassured that the situation would be resolved approximately after March 12. We really hope that it will be so! We keep you informed and advise you to closely follow our feed on social networks. We are worried about each user, as for ourselves, we ask you to be patient and wait out the temporary inconvenience. Stay with us)