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Buy White Label Toplyvo UA: terms of cooperation - Toplyvo Ua

Buy White Label Toplyvo UA: terms of cooperation

Open up new opportunities for your business! We are announcing the start of sales of our White Label. Now any company can order the development of such a "turnkey" functionality, which will be adapted to its peculiarities of work. In terms of time, the full range of works will last up to 2 weeks.

Now Toplyvo UA is the most popular application in Ukraine for the sale of electronic fuel coupons. With its help, users refuel at such popular gas stations: Okko, WOG, Shell, Glusco, Sunoil, Motto, Chipo, Ovis, PPoil. It has over 1,500,000 users. For 3 years of work, all development, customization and marketing processes have been worked out. Therefore, the idea arose to offer our ready-made code for the implementation of the White Label service.

How does the system for selling a business model work?

We offer development and customization from 0 service like Toplyvo UA. This can be, for example, a mobile application with services like ours, but with an individual design and functions. Each client will decide independently for what purpose to use the created functionality.

We offer some options for service functions. As an application for a gas station, where each station can sell its own fuel. Or as a marketplace with offers from several gas stations. In addition to development, the Toplyvo UA team offers the publication of the application in the App Store, Play Market and App Gallery, as well as system support for the work.

Why is it beneficial for customers?

  1. The business model of our service has already proven to be effective. This is evidenced by the rapid growth in the number of users, and as a result - an increase in profits. In the mobile app stores, Fuel YuA has a consistently high rating and positive reviews.
  2. In addition to saving for users (up to 3 UAN per 1 liter of fuel): the selling company also has significant benefits. This is done through monetization and the number of transactions per day.
  3. The launch of the service will take place as soon as possible, since the application code is already ready, and its completion does not require much time. If we take into account the publication on mobile application platforms and design, then the start will take place within 2 weeks.

If you are interested in the offer, let me know: we will discuss the details and implement them promptly! Contact our community Direct on Instagram, Facebook, support@toplyvo.app or by phone 050 980 08 00.