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Get a discount on SHELL V-Power: you have only 3 days! - Toplyvo Ua

Get a discount on SHELL V-Power: you have only 3 days!

No time to explain! Keep the action that will win your heart! Toplyvo UA and Shell gas stations give an additional discount on SHELL V-Power fuel. Don't think too long, join us and get cashback!

Okay, I want to participate: let's get the details!

Toplyvo UA users will be able to buy SHELL V-Power fuel at a discount:

  • petrol -6 UAH/ l
  • gas -1.20 UAH/ l

When: Friday 27/11 from 00: 00 to 23: 59 29/11.

Detailed conditions:

  1. Buy and use an electronic ticket for petrol or gas shell V-Power for the specified period at the current price in Toplyvo UA.
  2. From 1/12-5/12 get cashback from purchases to your personal account in the app.
  3. Be happy to get a refund and continue using it with pleasure Toplyvo UA)).

Haven't tested SHELL V-Power yet: why it's worth a try!

The world-famous fuel with Dynaflux technology surprises motorists with its productivity. The formula is designed specifically to clean and protect the car engine. Fuel helps reduce the friction of engine parts when driving both on the highway and in urban conditions. Laboratory tests have confirmed that when friction is reduced, the energy costs of the car that occur due to heating are reduced. 100 percent: you and your car will like it!

An interesting fact is that this type of fuel consists of 99% of the same components as the fuel used on the Formula 1 track by the Scuderia Ferrari team!
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