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We will add the SHELL loyalty program to the total discount - Toplyvo Ua

We will add the SHELL loyalty program to the total discount

Service and functionality are fundamental to any product. Competition in the app market is growing every day, and only continuous development and work not only on your own, but also on the mistakes of competitors dooms the project to success.

The rapid growth of the project is bearing fruit. At the end of last year, there was an integration with the world-famous SHELL company, which brought benefits for both parties and expanded the possibilities of using the service for users.

Shell Club Smart is a loyalty program that allows you to receive bonuses in the form of gifts: from hot drinks and croissants to inflatable sofas and travel bags. Points are accumulated for each liter purchased at Shell gas stations, as well as when purchased at gas station stores and cafes.

How it works

After implementing updates to the Toplyvo UA app, the Shell loyalty card will be pulled up. If you don't have a loyalty card, you can register it. The user can also have several cards, then they will be able to choose any of them.

The entire litre of coupons will be converted into bonuses on the Shell Club Smart card. The new feature will become available after the app is updated. At the moment, there is only a version for iOS, and for Android will be released later.

A payment form for FOP has been added. If you are an entrepreneur, you can easily buy coupons.

One of the latest updates that all users were looking forward to was Apple Pay. Now every iOS owner can use this feature in the app.

The well-known force touch feature has also been implemented, thanks to which you can instantly share your referral link without wasting time logging in to the app. There are also functions for instant fuel purchases, adding funds to your personal account, and searching for the nearest gas station.

The app is constantly expanding its boundaries. In this regard, work was carried out to introduce multilingualism. Localization has already been implemented in 17 languages, and the team is not going to stop there. Integration with other countries will be carried out for further cooperation.

The project is open to new proposals for expanding gas station networks.

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