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OKKO with us again: what a discount and terms of use - Toplyvo Ua

OKKO with us again: what a discount and terms of use

Yes, it didn't seem to you! Gas station OKKO is now back with us! Plus 414 petrol stations to the existing coverage. We are sincerely glad that now drivers from every corner of Ukraine will be able to buy OKKO fuel electronically using our application.

What fuel discount do users get?

  • diesel fuel up to - UAH 2.25 per liter;
  • gasoline up to - 1.75 UAH per liter;
  • gas up to - 1 UAH per liter.

Pay for OKKO fuel from your personal account in the app and get the biggest discount. To replenish the balance, go to the "Account" — "Replenish" section. Copy the current account on the screen and top up like a regular bank card. You will receive money on your account within 10 minutes. When buying, for example, an OKKO fuel coupon, choose a personal account among the payment methods.

Are the OKKO fuel types presented in the appendix?

OKKO has coverage throughout Ukraine and has 414 petrol stations. Fuel is purchased at refineries in Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Hungary.

Toplyvo UA offers the following OKKO fuels:

  • A-92 EURO
  • A-95 EURO
  • PULLS 95
  • GAS

The fuel did not fit into the tank — no problem!

For example, you topped up a liter wallet by 50 liters via the app. You indicate to the cashier that you want to fill up 50 liters and this volume is debited from the account, but the tank does not fit 5 liters. Don't worry, the balance on your liter wallet will be updated — 5 liters.

Toplyvo UA and Fishka card

There is a Fishka loyalty card — it will automatically be pulled up in the application. If you want to buy fuel from OKKO, then when making the first purchase, the service offers to fill in the information: name, surname and date of birth. According to this information, your Fishka will appear in the service. If you did not have a card until this moment, it will be registered. If you have any questions about OKKO coupons, please contact our technical support: 050 9800 800.

How to Scan QR Code Correctly?

  1. Before refueling, show the QR code to the cashier and indicate the number of liters that you want to refuel within the available balance.
  2. Enter the PIN-code of the Fishka card in the terminal. If you have forgotten your PIN-code, it is easy to restore it or set it at the checkout of the gas station.