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IOS update: a new way to buy - Toplyvo Ua

IOS update: a new way to buy

Long-awaited news for Toplyvo UA users: a new way to buy coupons for gas, petrol and diesel fuel now on IOS. It has become even more convenient to purchase fuel in the app! Read further what has changed and see the instructions for the updated purchase.

What's new?

Compare prices for one type of fuel from different filling stations on one screen and choose where it is more profitable. For convenience, mark your favorite gas stations with an asterisk. This will create a list of your favorite petrol stations, which are located at the top of the main screen. To find the type of fuel you need, swipe right to left.

Create your own list of gas stations to be displayed in the service. To do this, at the stage of buying a fuel card online, in the upper right corner, click “Change”. A list of filling stations will open, tick the necessary ones. With each subsequent purchase of a fuel card, only the selected gas stations will be displayed in the application.

Stages of buying a coupon in the updated interface:

  1. Stamp the Buy fuel button.
  2. Pick up the tab with the necessary items. Here you can see all the types of petrol stations presented in Toplyvo UA.
  3. Comparing the prices of different networks, make your choice.
  4. Further, according to the usual scheme: click on the denomination of the coupon and form the required number of liters. On the payment confirmation screen, you see your savings, you can send it to charity.
  5. Pay with the payment method convenient for you. Use the card for petrol, gas and diesel by showing the QR code at the cashier of the gas station.

In general, the new features did not change the logic of buying fuel, they only improved it. If you have already issued a coupon after the update, share your impressions of the new upgrade. And of course, refuel your car to a full tank with Toplyvo UA!