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The Ukrainian market was captured by the project with the lowest fuel prices - Toplyvo Ua

The Ukrainian market was captured by the project with the lowest fuel prices

Service and functionality are fundamental to any product. Competition in the app market is growing every day, and only continuous development, and work not only on your own, but also on the mistakes of competitors, dooms the project to success.

TOPLYVO UA is a startup that was created by Kherson entrepreneur Alexander Badenko in order to combine all gas station networks into one application, and create a new logic for using coupons at gas stations.

Fuel prices are getting higher and higher, and the question" how can I save money " is very acute. Today the network of filling stations offer a variety of loyalty cards, thanks to which you can get a discount on gasoline. But you don't always have the right gas station along the way, and you don't always have loyalty cards at hand.

Briefly about the service: maximum discount of 3.5 UAH/l from the price of Stella, as well as a referral system. The ability to invite a friend and get money. For each liter spent by them – 20 kopecks to a personal account. The more friends you invite, the more money you earn. Everything is as simple and convenient as possible. The app is not monetized and is made for user convenience.

After installing TOPLYVO UA, you will see introductory instructions for using the app.

The app has 5 tabs: coupons, card, expense, bonuses and account.

You can use the app to buy coupons at SHELL, GLUSCO, MOTTO, CHIPO, OVIS and SUNOIL gas stations. In the near future, the number of gas stations where you can redeem coupons will increase. You will also be able to use the app outside of Ukraine. You can also calculate the cost of a trip and find the nearest gas station.

The most interesting thing is the referral system, or rather an assistant that works for the user. By sending a link to a social network or to a friend, TOPLYVO UA users will be able to earn on their friend's purchased liters of fuel.

According to the developer, "This app has no analogues in Ukraine and will help you not only save on fuel purchases, but also earn money." The app is consistently updated every three weeks. In the future, new functionality will be added that will expand the application's use.