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OSAGO insurance is now in Toplyvo UA: the best price on the market - Toplyvo Ua

OSAGO insurance is now in Toplyvo UA: the best price on the market

We rallied ourselves after the New Year holidays and prepared a top offer for our users. Now in Toplyvo UA it is possible to order OSAGO policy online. The best price on the market, registration in 5 minutes, a reliable insurance company and live technical support — all in one application! Plus, of course, discounted fuel.

4 reasons to issue OSAGO in Toplyvo UA:

  1. The most favourable price in Ukraine: we work without intermediaries directly with the insurance company Euroins. 
  2. Easy purchase: a few minutes and you have an electronic car insurance.
  3. Decorate where it is convenient, because your smartphone is always with you.
  4. Policy cost calculator.

Under the OSAGO agreement, Euroins insurance company pays each victim:

  • UAH 130,000 — in case of damage to property;
  • UAH 260,000 if damage to health or life.

How to order an e-policy in the Toplyvo UA: instructions

  1. On the main screen of the application, select the "Services" tab, then click on "OSAGO".
  2. Click to issue a policy.
  3. Enter the car number and city of registration.
  4. Next, the insurance company — Euroins is highlighted. More companies coming soon).
  5. Choose a convenient franchise: UAH 0, UAH 1000, UAH 1500, UAH 2500.
  6. Fill in the details of the documents and pay by cash or card.
  7. Receive your policy by email as a PDF file.

The term for issuing a policy through the application is 1 year.

What cost do we offer?

The price of car insurance is calculated individually. Depends on the type of car, year of manufacture, place of registration, the period of registration of the vehicle and the availability of driver benefits (disability, Chernobyl victims, pensioners or participants in hostilities).

When you issue a policy, you will be shown a discount price and how much you would have spent buying without Toplyvo UA. The difference will pleasantly surprise you: we offer the best price in Ukraine.

Popular questions:

  • What is deductible and sum insured?

The deductible is the amount that the insurer does not reimburse. For example, if under insurance with a deductible of UAH 1000 in an accident, the victim's car is damaged by UAH 30,000, then the insurance company will compensate for UAH 29,000.

The sum insured is the money that the insurance company undertakes to pay in an insured event.

  • Is there a difference between an electronic vehicle and a regular one?

No difference. An electronic policy is the same as a paper one, but only in your smartphone.

  • Does the insurance work if the owner of the car is not driving?

Yes, it applies to any car driver. But there are exceptions: when applying for a beneficiary, the policy works only for him. The insurance also does not work if it was bought for a driver with a long experience, and a beginner was driving.

  • For which vehicles do you need to buy E-OSAGO online?

For scooters, motorcycles, cars, trailers for trucks and cars, buses and minibuses.

Take care of life and cars with Toplyvo UA!