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Toplyvnulo on Youtube — a new show from Toplyvo UA - Toplyvo Ua

Toplyvnulo on Youtube — a new show from Toplyvo UA

We recently debuted our first video show called "Toplyvnulo". This is a new format that will introduce you to our friendly team. Toplyvo UA employees became the main participants of this entertainment program, which is not a children's program at all. If you want to relax and watch something very nice to distract from the ordinary — come to us. Our adventurous charismatic Luciena and magic Vlad, the one that Mazun, will relieve tension better than any video with kittens and children!

There are two piles of cards on the table: questions and punishments. The participant simultaneously receives one card from each stack and reads the question, followed by the punishment. If he gives the correct answer, it is possible to avoid punishment and puts both cards aside. However, if the answer is incorrect, it performs the task.
Questions from the school curriculum with jokes and juicy punishments performed by our colleagues are waiting for your feedback. I am already impressed with their work and my level of knowledge of the school curriculum. I paused the video every time after the announcement of questions to give an answer. You can play the game with a friend or a loved one in parallel, try it too! To laugh heartily, play or learn something new — this is a "Toplyvnulo". 
We are waiting for your finger up under the video.