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Toplyvo UA – Universal Travel App

Sometimes you wake up, and your soul is already asking for a holiday. And as you know, the best holiday is an unplanned trip. But spontaneity does not mean a sea of ​​problems. Thanks to the "Internet Batkovich" in the 21st century, there are many ways to plan any trip to the "easy".

Our life hack is the Toplyvo UA application!

And so you wake up, pull yourself up, make coffee, go to Toplyvo UA in the section "Expenses" and plot the route. The application immediately shows how much fuel you need to get from point "A" to point "B". Minus one problem per second.

You sit down for breakfast and buy electronic vignettes from Toplyvo UA. It is important to take into account the peculiarities of travel on the toll roads of each country along which your route passes. Another question is closed.

I paid for the vignette online through the app, finished my sandwich, it's time to pack my bags. I opened the closet, and while choosing between shorts with pineapples and plain ones, you also buy an OSAGO policy from Toplyvo UA. You put your shorts in your suitcase, your readiness for travel is 80%.

You leave the house, come back, turn off the iron, go out again and come back again: on fins with a mask and a guitar, you sit in the car. You go into the application, check the cost calculator, buy the required number of coupons, and already save on fuel. Everything, you are 100% ready to travel.

Fasten yourself with a seat belt, start the car, take it off the handbrake, turn on the turn signal, first gear, and let's go!

As you can see, with the app you are already on wheels in a matter of minutes.

I entered the application and solved all the questions:

  • laid the route;
  • calculated the amount of fuel;
  • paid tolls
  • bought insurance;
  • purchased fuel coupons.

The soul wanted a holiday? On your marks! Attention! Toplyvo UA!

By the way, now there is a promotion in the application for online vignettes for paying for roads until the end of summer! You get cashback for every purchase. We give a little pleasure to each user!