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Attention: scammers have become more active recently - Toplyvo Ua

Attention: scammers have become more active recently

We warn our users: Toplyvo UA does not sell electronic fuel coupons in social networks, Viber, Telegram groups and any other messengers. Why did we decide to write a separate article? In the last few months, we have been receiving complaints from indignant drivers. They report that they allegedly bought fuel at a discount from us, sent funds, but did not receive an electronic coupon.

Drivers are offered ultra-low fuel prices on behalf of Toplyvo UA. Fraudsters create clones of our pages on social networks, copy the name, logo, posts. Do not be fooled by provocations, if you come across a suspicious account, ask us again or block it right away!

We warn drivers:

  1. Purchases of fuel, OSAGO policy and vignettes are made only through the official Toplyvo UA application.
  2. Send coupons to friends only through the application, it is forbidden to take pictures of the QR code and send it through instant messengers.
  3. There are 3 official groups in social networks in the application: FacebookInstagramTelegram. All the rest are rogue clones.
  4. Check any information the service hotline: 050 9800 800. We publish all news and conditions of promotions only on the official website: https://toplyvo.app/en/

Be careful and don't be fooled by sweet promises. Remember: cheap cheese is only in a mousetrap.