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To Hungary by car: entry conditions, roads and gasoline - Toplyvo Ua

To Hungary by car: entry conditions, roads and gasoline

Long car rides are mixed emotions. Here is both excitement and joy, anticipation of adventure, interest. If you are new to auto tours, then take the time and study in detail the basic information about the trip. In order not to google for hours, we have prepared an article about the requirements for documents at the border, how to refuel, about paying for roads in Hungary in 2021. This knowledge will save you from unpleasant situations and fines in a foreign country.

Crossing the border during the Covid period

Good news for drivers: as of November 5, 2021, the Ukrainian-Hungarian border is free to travel. Do not require Covid documents: vaccination passport or PCR test done no later than 72 hours before the trip. But this is a mandatory requirement for air travelers. They accept a digital or paper certificate "Diya" or a form from a family doctor. Hungary accepts vaccines from all existing manufacturers.

At ground checkpoints, a standard set of documents is required:

  1. Biometric passport.
  2. Medical insurance for passengers.
  3. Car insurance Green card.
  4. Vignette to Hungary.

They enter the country through 3 border points: Vilok, Luzhanka, Tisa.

What's on Hungarian roads?

In Hungary, there are simple routes, without sharp rises, bridges, tunnels and crossings, as in Bulgaria and Romania. Autobahns are located throughout the country and are convenient for transit routes. Please note that tolls are required in Hungary to travel. The online vignette is bought through the Toplyvo UA app before crossing the border. Download the document to your smartphone and show it if requested. Paid autobahn M-3 starts in half an hour after crossing the checkpoint "Chop" and extends to Budapest.

Recreation areas for drivers and passengers are located on highways every 20-30 km. This is indicated by road signs. On such sites there is a parking lot, a bathroom, drinking water, a map of the area, benches and chairs, a telephone with emergency numbers for services.

The cost of Hungary vignettes in 2021

For a passenger car up to 3.5 tonnes:

  • for 10 days - 14 euros;
  • for 30 days 20 euros.

For buses:

  • for 10 days - 62 euros;
  • for 30 days 88 euros.

Read more about road tolls on the website: https://toplyvo.app/ru/vignettes/

Refueling and fuel prices

Petrol stations are located every 50 kilometers. Calculate the amount of gasoline so that it will last until the next refueling. Fuel at filling stations on toll autobahns is much more expensive. On average, the price of gasoline per liter is 1.10 euros, for gas 0.7 euros. First, the drivers fill up the car with fuel, then they are calculated in fact.