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Important information for Chipo users - Toplyvo Ua

Important information for Chipo users

Friends! The Chipo filling station is updating the work processes, therefore, due to technical reasons, coupons for all Chipo fuels in the application will not be available for sale for some time. Currently, fuel coupons are still available, so if you plan to refuel in the near future, buy them as soon as possible. The coupons that users previously bought will be active.

How to continue refueling with discounts

Using the "Maps" section, find out which of the filling station networks is closest to you. Use sorting filters for quick searches. See what types of fuel the filling station sells and the prices in the service. Buy gasoline, gas or diesel directly from this screen, stamping on the type of fuel. In the same section, plot the shortest route using the navigator.

And remember: there is no reason to worry - very soon the sale of Chipo coupons will resume, you will know about it right away!

With love Toplyvo UA.